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Is Female Orgasm an Act of Rebellion?

Is Female Orgasm an Act of Rebellion?


Written by Rupert O.


In this video, Venus talks about her favourite subject – female orgasm. The question she addresses is this: ‘is female orgasm an act of rebellion, or not?’ She was inspired to make this video by a friend of hers. That feminist poet friend wrote this in an Instagram post: ‘The female orgasm is an act of rebellion. Every orgasm, whether shared or solitary, is a statement against a system that has left female liberation closed in the fists of power.’



Venus finds this very interesting. She wants to share her thoughts about it. She reflects on her own rebellious orgasms.

When she started her whole venture of sex-blogging, 10 years ago, she thinks it was coming from a place of rebellion. Everything she did, every photo she took, was rebellious. She was angry about a lot of things. Part of that anger was in response to her strict Catholic upbringing. She still feels that, in a supposedly ‘liberal’ world, that there’s a fake idea about sexual liberation. She thinks that real liberation is based on tapping into power. It’s not necessarily about promiscuity and pleasure.It goes beyond that.


Venus identifies with the phrase: ‘female orgasm is an act of rebellion.’ It was for her too. In the beginning, when she was getting into sex toys, it was a rebellion against the idea that she needed a man for sex. There’s a lyric in a Tori Amos song that goes: ‘Why should I take from his body, when I can take from mine instead?’ That song (‘Icicle’)  is about masturbation. When Venus heard it for the first time, she thought it was amazing. She was enjoying her body on her own.

Even though Venus: ‘ enjoyed sex with people, I didn’t necessarily enjoy the emotional impact that it would have.’ She didn’t want any strings attached to her pleasure. Instead, she wanted to have all the strings to herself.


When she worked at a printing company, the whole erotic journey of her life began. She specialised in print sales for erotic books. This business was focussed  on France and the UK. No one who worked with her in the office was supportive. Most of the judgement she received came from women. Venus admits that: ’The actual demographic that I’m trying to liberate has been the one that has been the harshest on me.’ It hadn’t been everyone, of course. She believes that some women just don’t want to be liberated.


Even at the printers, women rolled their eyes and demonstrated their disapproval. They acted scandalised even though they were eager to look at the books. Venus enjoyed provoking them, sometimes. She usually had some spare books, which was a common thing in printing. Samples were available for marketing purposes or for personal use. This was especially true if they were ‘fun’ books like the ones that Venus produced. So, she used to go to the women and say: ‘would you like one, would you like one?’ She wanted to see their reactions. 


That kind of workplace provocation got to the point that it became an integral part of her sexual fantasies. When she was at home, Venus would masturbate with a special scenario in mind. She would be in her office, lying on the floor next to the photocopier and stimulating herself. When she came, she’s have an angry expression on her face. During her self-pleasuring, she’d be picturing the faces of all those disapproving women. The ones who hated her.


Those orgasms were definitely an ongoing act of rebellion. They weren’t  acts of rebellion against female sexual repression however. That subject didn’t get her off:  ‘in the moment’. She confesses that the kind of ’sick’ inspiration she drew from those sessions might not have been the healthiest kind.


Now, however, Venus has changed. She’s had a lot of orgasms during the last decade. But the intentions have changed dramatically. This is especially so in the last 3-4 years. A profound spiritual awakening, a Kundalini awakening, has been the cause.


These days, Venus realises that energy is kind of limited and so are thoughts. If you have ‘x-amount’ of thoughts per day, spending a large percentage of those thoughts on rebellion is: ‘a bit of a waste of energy.’ She prefers to use her energy towards things that are more beneficial.


Being a rebel is tiring. Now, she’s all about ‘the love.’ Love is a much higher vibration, a much higher frequency. It’s not draining at all. When she has an orgasm now, she’s not thinking about those women in the office – the ones who hated her. She’s now thinking about any intention she might have, and reaching out to people, helping them. It’s always with a good intention. She explains that you can get further in life if you have good intentions.


Being rebellious, and frustrated, is always an incentive to want to change things. Venus is glad that she had all of those rebellious orgasms: ‘back in the day.’ Now, she’s happy to have a different kind of orgasm, based on a different intention. She’s upgraded her orgasm.


Venus has invented her own scale of orgasms. Right at the bottom would be orgasms for pleasure, closing the pleasure gap. Women have been punished a lot in that sense. They are potentially more orgasmic, or multi-orgasmic. They’ve been conditioned to believe that they shouldn’t be sexual. That definitely frustrates her.


It also motivates her to be an orgasm activist.


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