ironing Venus o'hara

Ironing Fetish

When I’m feeling organised at the weekend, I like to iron all my clothes for the following week. Everyone hates ironing, but in fact the process is very relaxing and relieves stress. I had been wanting to do a session ironing for some time.

Andrew O’Hara kindly offered to help me out and he nearly had a heart attack when I answered the door dressed in a PVC dress and heels. He told me that recently he had been suffering dizzy spells and low blood pressure. He has since told me that just after the shoot he had a normal blood pressure reading. Not sure if the ironing had anything to do with it.

Here I am again trying to make domestic stuff look interesting.

Enjoy my ironing fetish!

Venus O’Haraironing Venus o'hara


ironing Venus o'hara


ironing Venus o'hara

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12 thoughts on “Ironing Fetish”

  1. Thank you Venus
    Some years ago i was a pet to a Dom who had me do her ironing. She did her own housework, except ironing which she hated. I would wear what she had picked out for me to wear on that session and iron plus a few other tasks I had to get out of the way before she pleased herself by placing me in bondage…To this day ironing brings back happy memories, plus sometimes a hard-on…

    1. oh hi paula i to have a ironing fetish god i would love to meet with you and we could iron each other.
      haydn x

  2. I too, have an ironing fetish…although not as benign as most. I enjoy watching a beauty such as Venus, dressed in a long silk nightgown, as she irons another…..and after making it perfect….she irons it over, and over, each time turning up the heat on the iron, disabling the steam…until wisps of smoke begin….she irons, and irons, until every inch of the beautiful silk gown is burned a dark brown….Now THAT I’d like to see..

  3. I have a ironing fetish would love to be turned into your ironing board ad do the edges slowly and carefully too use what you will on me, Venus and contact me if you please. Thanking you in advance humbly you future ironing board LUV

  4. Hi Venus, I too enjoy the ironing fetish, I love being ironed by a beautiful woman, the hotter the better, I love it when a towel is placed over me and the steam is used, the feeling of the wisps of steam coming through the towel and feeling the heat from the steam as well as the hot iron is so exciting, I would love to lay down and allow you to iron me whilst you watch me under your iron. maybe either yourself or any lady on this site who would like to iron me could get in touch, maybe you could set up a site where ladies like yourself or ladies who would like to iron someone could talk freely.
    Venus steam ironing her clothes whilst wearing leather trousers, mmmmm gorgeous thought xx

  5. I dream of being ironed by a pretty long haired girl. She lays silk over me and steam irons me slow back and forth..the steam curls up softly like smoke as you laugh and turn up the heat,

  6. Hi Venus. I would love to be your ironing board. Please put a towel on me and iron it first with a warm iron then warm it up more and more until the maximum temperature. slowly move the iron over me and then leave it in one place Then iron the shirt with steam. please, however, only slightly burn me

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