Interview with Janey Lee Grace – Author of Happy Healthy Sober

In this episode of The Orgasmic Lifestyle Podcast, Venus is joined by BBC Radio Presenter, Author, and Natural Wellbeing Expert Janey Lee Grace to discuss the sexy side of sober life! Venus will also be reviewing “Outwitting The Devil” by Napoleon Hill, and leading us through a guided meditation using sobriety affirmations.

Janey Lee Grace, a Singer, BBC Radio Presenter and Author of “Happy Healthy Sober: Ditch the booze and take control of your life” joins The Orgasmic Lifestyle Podcast hosted by Venus O’Hara, where they discuss her best selling book, sex, sobriety, and self-care

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Can we attribute alcohol as a reward?

Janey starts by admitting that people give much credit for many of their achievements. We believe that alcohol is the social glue that sticks everything together and gives us confidence. However, she thinks we need to stop attributing  these benefits to alcohol and instead focus on healthy ways to relax. There are many strategies, self-care tips, and tools that Janey suggests in her book. Although, every person should look for what method best suits them.

No more alcohol

Janey describes her experience of how she stopped drinking alcohol. Back in 2017, she was miserable and vulnerable, living with many fears. Janey was drinking every day until she realized that she needed to change her life. Thanks to the book “The Sober Diaries” by Claire Pooley, Janey challenged herself to stop drinking alcohol and continues to do so to this day.

The grey area drinkers

Janey describes grey area drinkers as people who are fully functional and work constantly but drink more than they want to. Janey’s top tip for grey area drinkers is not to wait until you get to rock bottom. You can step off of the elevator anytime you like.

Sober versus drunk sex

Janey states that the problem with drunk sex is that sometimes people may not remember it at all, or they do or say things they didn’t mean. Drunk sex leaves you feeling empty and unfulfilled. Cutting out alcohol helps you be more comfortable with who you are and helps you better understand what you need, including sexually.  

Encourage people not to drink

It’s not easy talking about drinking issues. Still, Janey encourages people to give it a try and not drink. She says that a person can start with a thirty-day challenge. Focus on the positives of the future, how much better you’re going to feel, how much more energy you’re going to have, and what else you’re going to be able to do with your time.

The sexy side of sobriety

Janey admits when people stop drinking, they may not feel well within the first couple of weeks. However, a person will eventually start to feel better, which leads to many positive changes in their lives. For example, they may begin to like and take better care of themselves, see the beauty in everything, become kinder, and feel more confident and sexy. 

The Sober Club

Janey was eight months sober when she decided to share her experience with the community. She felt the need to talk with people that shared her experience. After one of her TEDx talks, Janet launched her alcohol-free life podcast. She then started The Sober Club, an online community for people who are on a sober journey.


What’s the book that changed your life?


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