International Bestselling Orgasms – Interview with Megwyn White, Director of Education at Satisfyer

Megwyn White, Intimacy Coach, Founder of Haptic Body, and Director Of Education at Satisfyer, joins The Orgasmic Lifestyle Podcast by Venus O’Hara to detail the connection between specific touching techniques and sexual pleasure. 

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What is the Haptic Body? (0:23)

The Haptic Body is a self-care central practice that works on regulating the nervous system, aligning the body, and helping to connect us to the central reality of life. This is done through slow touch technology, by tapping into the connections of the breath and the voice.

Touch Can Expand Neural Connections to Support Brain Function (0:58)

Both the skin and the neural receptors within the brain are made up of ectoderms. Therefore, the skin is one of the most powerful mediums you can use to connect to the brain and touch all systems within the body. Different receptors also help connect to an area of the brain called the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis, which is where we process emotions. When touching the body you can regulate emotions and unlock the capacity to experience the world through a wider lens.

Touch Tools and Techniques (4:59)

Most of the tools Megwyn uses are natural. There are tools such as the dry brush and the palm brush that have a stronger connection to the skin. Megwyn also uses them to contact the fascia that exists below the skin. Himalayan salt is another tool that you can use because the body is bioelectric. Whereas the sea sponge is a powerful tool to help unlock the connection of full body breath.

Trying of Erotic Plasticity (16:55)

Erotic plasticity has to do with being open to variety, adding flavor, color exploration, and texture to the erotic experience.

Understanding Satisfyer, Satisfyer Pro 2, and Remotyca (23:36)

Megwyn is the director of education for Satisfyer, an award-winning sexual wellness brand. She came on board as someone that educates the consumer about Satisfyer’s vast range of products and how to use them. She first started with the most famous product from Satisfyer, the Satisfyer Pro 2, an air pulse stimulator. 

Remotyca is a partnership that Satisfyer has with Berlinable, one of the largest platforms for audio erotica. The company creates erotic audio based on people’s own stories. A popular function within the app allows a person to connect with their partner remotely.

What is a Blended Orgasm, and How Does it Differ From a Standard Orgasm? (42:50)

A blended orgasm is a buzz term for dual or multiple forms of stimulation. It ties back to the concept of activating several neural pathways. Megwyn explains that when we have a blended orgasm, there’s potential for a more deep visceral kind of orgasm. 

Sexual Fitness for Better Sexual Experiences (50:40)

Sexual fitness is about strengthening and stretching the muscles that support sexual receptivity. Primarily, Megwyn talks about Kegel strengthening, as it’s essential for supporting the genitals and sexual response system. As we age, these muscles tend to atrophy. The ultimate goal is to incorporate those types of exercises into your fitness routine.


Which phrase/affirmation/quote/philosophy do you live by?

“In order to understand the dance one must be still. And in order to truly understand stillness one must dance” – Jalāl ad-Dīn Mohammad Rūmī.

What’s the book that changed your life?

Watsu: Freeing the Body in Water by Harold Dull.


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“The more neural connections we have within the body, the more wiring is fired. The more intense that orgasmic energy is, the fuller the experience.”

“The face is like the king and the queen or regulating the nervous system. When we talk about the postural plates, it’s crucial when thinking about orgasms because orgasms are all about unlocking energy.”

“There are so many areas within the body that are so erotic, but we have to be able to kind of slow down sometimes or to be willing to feel and to explore that.”


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