Instagram Fetish

When I heard about Instagram I had no idea how much I would love it or how fetishistic it could be. As a fetish model I always look forward to my next photo-shoot even when I’m in the middle of the current one. Conventional photo-sessions can be dependent for their success on circumstances beyond my control. I have to trust the judgement and talent of the photographer for instance. Then we have to agree on a shot selection afterwards. It can take days to achieve satisfactory results and even longer to find the really killer images. With Instagram it can take seconds.

There is an affinity between the instant results obtained from an iPhone image filtered by the Instagram App and the situational thrill of a spontaneous moment of visual fetishism. For me, fetishism is all around us and is happening all the time whether we perceive it or not.

Venus O’Hara Thong

Outside of the controlled and controlling environment of a fetish club or scene, the random opportunities for sexual spectatorship are almost too many to count. A bra-strap seen through a blouse. A hint of derriere cleavage briefly visible when a young woman bends down.  A hole in a pair of tights that appears under the hem of a short skirt. None of them is predictable. For the casual spectator though all of them are the happiest of accidents. iPhone images are taken in the Here and Now.

Venus O’Hara Underboob

The filters are applied via Instagram. The end result is shared with social networking accounts in the time it takes to think about it. The feedback we receive shortly after can be as surprising and as arousing as a glimpsed moment of unrepeatable fetish.



Venus O’Hara without Make-up – sin maquillaje
Venus O’Hara in bikini by

31 thoughts on “Instagram Fetish”

    1. It’s like you’re consenting to being perved over but like you’re in on the game as well?

    1. its the pure perversity of an instantly captured image made to look like a scruffy polaroid from the 70’s…I think.

  1. great that you’ve taken a first look at this horny pic-sharing phenomenon…amazing back and bum you’re sharing with us as well

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