Inside Me

Inside Me by Venus O’Hara

Inside Me

What do I feel like today? 

The unparalleled power of a wand massager? Targeted stimulation courtesy of an air pulse stimulator? Or how about dual stimulation of the clitoris and the G spot with a rabbit vibrator

Hmmm. Let me think. 

As I peruse the abundant selection of sex toys that I have at my disposal, I decide to go with the rabbit. After all, I feel like enjoying a phallic fantasy. I need to feel something inside me, so it’s ideal. 

I’m hoping it will calm me down because I can’t stop thinking about him. I want to feel him inside me. The desire is killing me. And although this feeling makes me feel alive, it’s not always joyful. 

This is because it’s 3 pm in the afternoon and even though I have lots of work to do, I can’t seem to concentrate because my desire is distracting me big time. I’m hoping that an orgasm will help me to feel grounded so that I can finally get all those things on my never-ending ‘to-do’ list ticked off. 

Let’s see if it works. 

I wash and dry the rabbit and go to my bedroom. I’m already naked. It’s summer and I never wear clothes at home. I’m practically a naturist. I love feeling the warm breeze caress my skin. This has to be one of the great advantages of working from home. Another perk is that I’m able to take random orgasm breaks whenever my body feels the calling, like it is now. 

I lie down on my unmade bed, face up and recall the mutual desire in the messages and fantasies that we’ve exchanged. What seems to pop up the most in our correspondence is our desire for penetration. I need to feel him inside me. I can’t get it out of my mind. There is something magical when two bodies connect and every movement, no matter how subtle, can be perceived and felt by the other.

I take a few deep breaths and hug myself and then the self-hug gradually turns into caresses all over my breasts, belly, hips and thighs. I wish my hands were his hands.

I place my hand between my legs and cup my vulva. I’m already wet. I give myself a few soft strokes before removing my hand and smelling my fingers. I inhale my own intimate aroma and I find it hypnotic. I must be an autosexual because I genuinely do get off on myself. I wish I could mix my pheromones with his. Although I’m by myself, when I close my eyes I’m no longer alone as I indulge in my fantasy of feeling him inside me. 

I relax my pelvis and I slowly push the tip of the vibrator inside me. I open my thighs as wide as possible to accommodate the full length of it, until the external component of the rabbit is in contact with my clitoral glans. 

Once in the desired place, I switch it on and begin to enjoy the combination of focused clitoral stimulation in addition to a hard phallus filling me as it vibrates. I hold the base of the rabbit and breathe slowly, then when I feel that my body is fully accepting of it, I let go of it and enjoy some hands-free stimulation. I caress my breasts and just breathe as I allow my imagination to run wild.  

I imagine he is inside me and that I’m squeezing my vagina against his hardness. Although I’m getting very aroused, I realise that I need more stimulation to take my mind and body to where I want to go. I suddenly snap out of my reverie for a brief instant and I reach down to increase the vibration to the maximum speed. 

I feel myself approaching ecstasy several times but with my breath, I manage to contain my pleasure. I don’t want to come just yet. I want to enjoy this for as long as possible. I want to edge. 

With the rabbit vibrator as my guide, I unravel the layers of my fantasy, embracing the depths of my desires. With every flicker and vibration, I surrender to the current of euphoria, my breath deepening as it becomes a whispered invitation to the realm of bliss. The rabbit vibrator becomes an instrument of my fantasy. 

In my mind, I’m relishing the alchemical embrace that only penetration can provide. Our bodies intertwine, skin against skin. A harmonious blending of masculine and feminine essences. The joy I perceive transcends the physical but let’s not ignore the physical because it feels so so so good.

So good that now I can no longer hold back. 

I feel my body stiffen, my breath becomes more controlled and I hold it and I allow the tension to build throughout me. I can tell that it’s going to be an intense one. I take ahold of the base of the vibrator again and move it from side to side to increase the friction. With each movement, a dance of pleasure unfolds, heightening my senses, as an intense surge of ecstasy takes possession of my body and my imagination. 

When I can no longer resist, I suddenly release the tension and surrender to all the joy that is on offer to me right now. I moan, I squirm and my pelvis bounces up and down in response to the involuntary spasms that consume me. 

When my temporary bliss subsides, I switch the vibrator off and keep it inside me for a few moments as I get my breath back. 

So, did it work? Will I be able to focus on my work now?

Yes, I feel it has taken the edge off and my orgasm has provided me with a fleeting sense of relief. 

Despite this, my desire to feel him inside me is more intense than ever. 

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