Insatiable Insomnia

Insatiable Insomnia by Venus O’Hara

Insatiable Insomnia

It’s late and I really should sleep. I have an important lunch appointment tomorrow. I imagine that I’ll turn up to it feeling absolutely exhausted. I’m meeting my friends to celebrate my birthday and seeing as the lunch is being held in my honour, I don’t want to be yawning non-stop. 

I can’t seem to just close my eyes, meditate and relax as I normally would in these circumstances. This is because there is a hot guy lying next to me in my bed and his presence is stimulating me on all levels. I hear him breathing in the darkness and I can feel the heat radiating from his skin. We are both naked – pyjamas are not permitted in my bed. 

I move closer to him and press my nakedness against his. I feel his hardness against me. No wonder I can’t sleep. Even though we’ve spent the last few days discovering and stimulating each other’s bodies, the intense orgasms I’ve experienced just aren’t enough to satiate my burgeoning desire for him. 

Our hands suddenly start exploring each other. I guess he must be feeling what I’m feeling. Although we don’t speak, our nonverbal communication is pretty damn clear. 

Within no time, the arousal I feel is suddenly way more important than my need to sleep. 

I can’t stop.

I won’t stop. 

I need to feel him inside me and I communicate this by the way I touch him and move my pelvis closer to his. I grab his hard penis and I guide him deep inside me and I let out a sigh of relief. It feels as though he belongs inside me. I just can’t get enough of him. I feel so alive right now. 

It’s getting light outside. A new day is beginning. The dawn light fills the room and illuminates our bodies. Seeing him adds to the abundant stimulation on offer as we move together in unison. We are side to side and it feels kind of intimate but after a while, I suddenly need something more primal and carnal. 

I grab ahold of the base of his penis and guide him out of me. I need a change of position. I get up onto my knees and bend forward on all fours in the middle of the bed. I want to do it doggy style. I need to acknowledge my animalistic side. 

He understands the cue and gets up and enters me from behind. Oh my God, it feels so good when he holds onto my hips as he moves inside me. 

I push my face down against the pillow. As a result, my ass is elevated, allowing for deeper sensations. He moves faster, my breathing accelerates and my heart feels as though it is about to explode. 

My orgasm is close. I press my thighs together to increase the friction and I bite the pillow as my climax builds up to the point of delicious release. When it does, I moan and moan with unbridled and overwhelming pleasure. 

He moves faster and it makes my orgasmic moans even louder. Then he withdraws suddenly and I feel his hot liquid erupt all over the small of my back. It seems like a divine masculine blessing. 

As we get our breaths back, I suddenly become aware of the sound of the birds singing outside. I don’t even want to know what time it is. I’m guessing it’s around seven. Wow. It’s incredible how time flies when you’re fully engaged in the moment. 

I absorb the fleeting sensation of sexual satisfaction that I know will wear off pretty quickly. This is because when I wake up, I know I’ll probably want to repeat it. 

I guess I will end up going to my birthday lunch exhausted and yawning. But right now, that detail doesn’t really matter to me. At least I’ll be able to say that the insatiable insomnia was worth it. 

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