In The Shower

In The Shower – An Erotic Story by Venus O’Hara

It’s winter and the process of getting undressed to shower is an uncomfortable one. I know the feeling of being naked and cold will pass because soon enough, the hot water will warm up my shivering body. 


As I eagerly step into the shower, anticipating the warmth that usually envelops me, I turn the knob with enthusiasm. However, to my surprise, a sudden cascade of cold water greets me instead and I involuntarily recoil from the unexpected chill.


While I wait for the water to go from cold to comfortably warm, a tingling sensation lingers on my skin as I stand there, trembling slightly, anticipating that moment when the water heats up. During this brief interval, a realisation dawns on me – we’ve never taken a shower together. I frown in bewilderment at this missed opportunity.


Considering the size of my shower and your open-mindedness towards new explorations, there seems to be no reason not to share this intimate space. I can’t help but appreciate that quality about you – your willingness to embrace new experiences. As the water finally reaches the desired warmth, I’m left contemplating the possibilities, and a newfound eagerness arises for the potential shared showers that lie ahead.


As I fully immerse myself in the comforting embrace of the now-hot shower, my wonderment becomes a daydream. With shower gel in hand, I rub it between my palms, feeling the warmth and imagining that my hands are yours. The sensory experience intensifies as I lather my breasts, where the heightened sensation leads me to close my eyes and lose myself in the fantasy.


Next, I reach for the sponge, generously applying shower gel before methodically covering my entire body, from my ankles to my neck. While attempting to scrub my back, the reality sets in – there are areas that I can’t quite reach alone.


At this moment, the idea of an extra pair of hands crosses my mind. Your hands, of course. The thought lingers as I continue the solitary ritual, and the shower becomes a canvas for fantasy and daydreams.


I let my imagination wander into the realm of shared showering, envisioning a sensual dance of soaping each other up, culminating in a naked, soapy embrace beneath the warm cascading water. In this imagined embrace, subtle movements enhance the soapy sensations, as my breasts gently graze against your torso.


As these daydreams unfold, I grab the shower head, directing the warm water towards my vulva. The tingling sensation against my eager clitoris intensifies, fueling my erotic thoughts even more. In this mental escapade, I picture running my hands all over your body, luxuriously lathering the shower gel on your lingam and balls.


The vivid imagery nearly overwhelms me, and I find myself gripping the shower rail for support. Ah, the shower rail – another trigger for my erotic thoughts. In my fantasy, I extend the sensuality by massaging your lingam with slippery soap, until I feel you get hard in my hand. The desire to feel you inside me begins to take hold of my imagination.


My reverie takes a bold turn as I picture turning around, gripping the rail for balance, and slightly bending over. In this fantasy, you enter me from behind, ever so slowly as the hot water further heightens the sensations on our naked bodies. The symphony of moans, flowing water, and the steamy ambience immerse us in a cocoon of passion, steam, and shower gel.


As we both reach the pinnacle of pleasure, the scene transitions into the aftermath, where we require a dedicated clean-up before emerging from the shower. Even as I return to reality, my hand instinctively finds its way between my thighs, lingering on the sensual delights envisioned in this steamy daydream.


Yes, we should try and take a shower together – I think to myself before rinsing all the shower gel off, switching the water off, stepping out of the shower and wrapping my naked body in a big plush towel. Drying off quickly, I reach for a tub of coconut oil. In the winter chill, the oil has solidified, which means I need to warm it between my hands before I can spread it generously over my skin.


While massaging the oil into my body, a new fantasy emerges—an intimate scenario where we rub coconut oil on each other post-shower, extending the slippery exploration beyond the confines of the shower. The thought captivates me as I continue the sensual ritual, and I muse about why we haven’t explored this together before. It seems like another enticing experiment to add to our list.

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