I Tried CBD For A Month And This Is What Happened…

If you follow me closely, you will know that I love taking care of myself. I eat organic food, I follow a wholefoods plant-based diet and I only use the very best cosmetics on my skin. I don’t drink or smoke and I avoid processed foods. I also meditate every day and I practise yoga whenever I can. 


Despite my efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle, I am far from perfect. One area I really need to work on is sleep and relaxation. I remember years ago when I went to my doctor about these issues and to my horror, he prescribed a well-known tranquillizer for me to take 3 times a day for a couple of weeks. My intuition said ‘no’, I was concerned that I might become dependent on them so I opted for natural remedies instead such as valerian root and melatonin instead. 

The latter sort of worked for a while but I had the strangest most unsettling dreams. It was far from an ideal solution. But recently, as I was having a terrible time sleeping I decided to overlook the weird dreams and try it again. At least it was more natural than something on a doctor’s prescription – I told myself.


Off I went to my local pharmacy in search of melatonin. Once there, I studied some of the ingredients on the label to check for nasties. I was kind of shocked when I saw many contained fish oil and other ingredients that I could never pronounce. 

Suddenly, I remembered that I could get CBD instead. I wondered why it hadn’t occurred to me sooner give that I’m a big fan of natural remedies and I wanted something that was as pure as possible and not mixed with a long list of artificial ingredients and E numbers.  


I received some Premium Jane CBD gummies and some oil the day after I came back from my recent walking holiday to Galicia. I spent one week walking 140 km of the famous Camino de Santiago. I walked over 20 km every day and stayed in luxury accommodation. 

Despite my fatigue, even the comfort of the incredible beds I stayed in or the physical exhaustion wasn’t enough to calm my insomniac mind. 


Although I had a wonderful time, I was exhausted and I was happy to be back in Barcelona and sleep in my own bed again.  The fact that I had the package of Premium Jane CBD waiting for me made my return even more enjoyable. Inside the box, there was a bottle of vegan CBD gummies and some chocolate and mint flavoured CBD oil. Both products are absolutely delicious. 

For the last few weeks, I’ve been taking CBD before bed and I’m pleased to say that I’m sleeping like a baby. Being able to sleep the whole night though is always a huge achievement for me and I’m so happy to be resting well at night. It means I wake up happy and confident that I’ll be able to do all the tasks I set myself for the day. 


Despite these wonderful results, the only issue with these gummies is that they are ever so tasty and it is hard to stop and one or two. I’m even salivating now as I write this.


The chocolate and mint oil was also amazing. I had some under my tongue before going to bed and I wake up fresh and relaxed and in a good mood. The same can’t be said when I have tried more pharmaceutical sleep solutions that just make me feel groggy. 


CBD isn’t just effective for relaxation or insomnia. There are many reported benefits. To find out more about CBD, you can find a wealth of information here: https://premiumjane.com/blog/


Now that I’m reaching the end of my package, I think I’ll have to get some more. Luckily I can use the discount code VENUS and get a 20% discount and you can enjoy it too. 


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