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How To Upgrade A Male Orgasm

‘How can you possibly review a male sex toy if you’re a woman?’ 


I receive this comment a lot when I make male sex toy video reviews. The imagination and listening comprehension skills of these commenters always worry me. I explain quite clearly in my video reviews that I test them with a male partner. They use the masturbator in question several times, under my watchful eye and I ask all the right questions and I make notes. As I observe their ecstasy, I can see clearly which devices are best. I ask about how it feels, which features are best as well as the toy’s limitations and how the device could be improved. In fact, given that I’m not distracted by my own orgasmic bliss, you could say that my male sex toy reviews are actually more thorough than my female ones. 


I also think it’s great to try out these toys with a guy who doesn’t have much experience with pleasure devices. He doesn’t have any prejudices or preconceived ideas about certain brands.  He doesn’t have any high or low expectations that could occur from knowing the retail price of any given toy. He couldn’t care less about all the details that are important to those of us who work in the pleasure industry. He just wants to help me out with my work and I am very grateful for that. 


When testing male sex toys with a partner, I have literally seen miracles with my own eyes. I have also observed a clear evolution as far as male sex toys are concerned. I have witnessed orgasms that were clearly more intense and long-lasting than standard bare-hand wank equivalents. For this reason, I truly believe that male sex toys are the perfect way to upgrade any male masturbation techniques. 


Male sex toys have literally come a long way in the last few years. The quality of the materials has improved as well as the motors and ergonomics. They are not perfect though. No sex toy is. But there are a few things to take into consideration when buying a penis masturbator. 




It is important to make sure that the toy will fit/adapt to your member. It should be tight enough to be stimulating and loose enough to remove whenever you wish. What is the size (length and girth) of the part where you insert your penis? Is it adaptable to different girths, or is it stretchy?  Ideally, the part for insertion will be able to adapt snuggly to a smaller penis. And with a larger one, most of the contact with the toy will probably be around the top of the shaft. Both ways can provide stimulation. 




Some toys are designed for moving up and down, to mimic your own masturbation technique, whereas others are simply placed on the penis and the internal components do their thing while you can lie back and just hold it in place without having to move it. Do you want to be active or passive? 



How can I clean and dry it? If you ejaculate inside the device, it needs to be easy to clean and dry so that it’s ready for your next self-love session. Otherwise, it just makes bare-hand masturbation more appealing as it is less hassle. 


 4. NOISE: 

Another factor to consider is noise. I have found some masturbators to be quite loud which might not be good if you live with people. Always look for reviews with soundchecks if noise is important to you. 


While it is true that nothing knows you better than your own hand, I don’t know about you but I find that using a toy can enhance my own fantasy as I imagine that I’m being touched by someone else’s skilled hand…


I didn’t ask my male testing partners who or what they were thinking about. But I do know that they were so stimulated that they had to edge several times as they wanted the experience to last as long as possible. This was followed by an explosive orgasm that was way more intense than those provoked by run-of-the-mill manual masturbation. When I saw this, it was clear to me that some of the male masturbators I’ve tested with a partner were super orgasmic, even if I was unable to try them myself.

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