How To Take Care Of Your Sex Toys

These days, there is no stigma around using sex toys. So, even if your closet is full of vibrators and anal plugs, it’s fine as long as it makes you happy. 


If you want your sex toys to bring you pleasure today and every day, learn how to take good care of them. As a sexually active adult, you should know where to keep them, how to clean them, and how to choose the right ones. Let’s get it started:


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It is not true when it comes to sex toys. Avoid sharing them with anyone, including your significant other. Of course, there are some moments of passion that can make you think irrationally. Your lover might say ‘come one. It’s not a big deal, share it with me’. If you really can’t resist, at least make sure to use a condom. It will help you prevent the spread of STDs.


Wash. Be safe.


You should wash your sex toys even if you are the only owner. It will protect you from bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections. Also, clean toys last longer (at least this should motivate you!). To wash your little assistants, use hands or dish soap. Experts recommend to avoid using antibacterial soap since it can disrupt the natural flora of genitals.


If you have sex toys made out of acrylic, vinyl, nylon, or jelly rubber, you should clean them with soap and warm water. Feel free to boil toys made of pyrex or silicone. Also, always read the instructions on the label in order to learn what’s best for you and your toy.


Don’t hide them


A lot of people want to hide their sex toys under the bed or on a high shelf. Hiding your secret things in a place with a great concentration of dust is not a good idea. To make your sexual journey safe, keep your toys in a cloth bag. 


To learn more about sex toys, check out the infographic below, provided by The Adult Toy Shop:

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