How To Stimulate Your G-Spot

Much is said about the G-spot, some even say that it doesn’t exist at all. Much less is actually known about the G-spot, even anecdotally from women.


Part of the orgasm gap is fuelled by a lack of targeted stimulation at the most sensitive areas like the clitoris and the G-spot. Tracking down the infamous bundle of nerves responsible for some pretty mind bending orgasms is always worth it in the end, although sometimes it’s like it doesn’t even want to be found. You don’t have to go it alone though, there’s plenty of tools for the job.


Know What You’re Dealing With


The G-spot is a sensitive bundle of nerves around 2-3 inches inside the vagina known to cause massive waves of pleasure and a surefire trip to orgasm if given enough time. Size varies per woman and the level of sensitivity, it is typically described as around the size of anything from a dime to a quarter in diameter. I will say that some women report great difficulty making use of their G-spots, sometimes genetics can get the best of us. Anyways, it’s on the front side of the vagina, it is thought that there are some kind of nerves that tether the clitoris to the G-spot which is responsible for its extreme sensitivity. 


There’s a reason why the “come hither” motion is referred to so often whenever the topic of fingering comes up. Everyone is trying to hit somewhere around the G-spot, plain and simple.


Doing Things Yourself


Want to see what the big fuss is about right now without having to wait another second? You can stimulate your G-spot all on your own in the comfort of your home! It won’t work if you have excessively long nails or other things that would make your fingers dangerous to masturbate with. Simply insert a finger or two inside of yourself and curl your fingers upwards repeatedly. Move your fingers around periodically, constantly shifting to places where the stimulation feels more intense.


Getting Outside Help


For those who want a little bit of help, there are plenty of toys out there meant to streamline the entire experience. Manufacturers have toiled long and hard to study the female anatomy and deliver the best of the best. These days, nothing short of 1-2 hours of battery life and enough digital patterns to keep things interesting is acceptable when it comes to female sex toys.


G-Spot Vibrator


Made with no other purpose in mind other than raw, unmistakably intense G spot scratching in mind, G-spot vibrators are a cut above the rest. Take for instance the Lovense Osci. Instead of vibrating throughout the toy a small flap of silicone on the end oscillates inwards and outwards for a pleasant tapping effect. Others like the We-Vibe Rave went all out in the shape department to carefully design a toy capable of stimulating even the hardest to reach G-spots. Three of the  more viable options can be found here: 


Rabbit Vibrator


The mighty rabbit vibrator is more often than not curved at the end for the sake of pleasure. With the right amount of leverage about 2-3 inches inside the vagina, the added vibrations make G-spot fun inevitable while the exterior clit vibrator is certainly a welcome addition. The rabbit vibrator is all about covering as many bases as possible, our next option is much more purpose built




Every woman should treat herself each and every single way that she can. A good personal knowledge of your intimate zones pays dividends in the long run. Few parts of the female anatomy are worth singling out like the G-spot, it is second to only the clitoris in raw erotic power. If you’re still new to this kind of play, don’t hesitate and hop to it already!


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  1. G-Spot vibrators are absolutely orgasmic. I recently picked one up on Amazon and use it all the time. Nothing compares to the time I spend alone with my vibe and my g-spot 🙂

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