How to Have an Enlightening Sexual Experience Using Tantra

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Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been having less sex. But this isn’t to say that people’s sex lives are in a steep downward spiral. Many are diversifying their bedroom activities, seeking out new and exciting sexual experiences with their partners and with themselves.


Tantric sex has seen a rise in popularity as more people start to explore their sexuality, searching for different ways to be intimate. But how can you have a tantric experience, and what benefits does the art of tantra have to offer?


What Is the Art of Tantra? 


The tantric arts aren’t a modern invention, despite their recent rise in popularity. Tantrism is an ancient practise derived from Hindu and Buddhist scriptures, describing meditative rituals performed by oneself or with another. The goal of the methodologies outlined in these scriptures is to “weave together” the body and spirit, creating an internal connection between the physical and the spiritual worlds. This can have a powerful and profound effect on the participants.


How Can Tantra Benefit My Sex Life?


The art of tantra encompasses much more than just the physical act of sex; it can also help you discover more about your body and mind. This can, in turn, enhance your sex life, giving you and your partner much more to enjoy in your most passionate moments having extended your knowledge of intimacy.


The tantric arts focus on combining your psychological and physiological energies to create spiritual experiences that you can share with a partner, but mastering the tantric arts won’t happen overnight. Practice and patience are essential, but guidance from an expert tantric practitioner can provide you and your partner with vital knowledge.


One of the best ways to access the many benefits tantra has to offer is with a tantric massage. Highly skilled therapists will be able to provide you with an overwhelmingly relaxing and pleasurable experience that’ll enable you to properly understand the potent effects of tantra. If you’re looking for the ultimate way to unwind in a highly erotic atmosphere — by yourself or with your partner — a tantric massage might be the answer.


How to Prepare for a Tantric Experience 


If you’re interested in trying out some tantric techniques alone or with your partner, you must first create the right atmosphere for a tantric experience, as well as taking a few steps to mentally and physically prepare yourself for what lies ahead:


Learn about your desires: Most people don’t actually know what they want from sex. Of course, everyone wants to feel pleasure, but often it’s the case that their desires don’t align with their current sexual practices. Your sexual desires aren’t set in stone either; they tend to evolve. This is why it’s important to open yourself up to new experiences in a safe environment to find out what turns you on and engages your body and mind.


Get to know your own body: Part of understanding your desires is about getting to know what your body responds to. You can create incredible sexual experiences alone and with a partner, exploring different parts of your body to create new sensations. This can also help you understand other people’s bodies too, allowing you to share highly sensual moments with others, multiplying your energies.


Creating a Sensual Environment for a Tantric Experience


After you’ve taken some time to better understand your body and what you want to gain from the tantric experience, you must create the right environment in which you can safely engage with the tantric arts. When you feel comfortable and at ease, you’ll be more likely to have amazing tantric adventures.


Find a safe and sensual space: Quiet, peaceful and uncluttered surroundings will allow you to focus on the present moment and become less distracted during a tantric experience. By creating the right environment, you’ll be able to completely relax and simply enjoy what comes next.


Keep a clear schedule: Making time for relaxation will make any tantric experience a lot more enjoyable for everyone involved. Clear your diary so you don’t end up rushing into the experience — this will take you away from the present moment. 


Set the mood: Burning essential oils or lighting some candles will help create an erotic atmosphere while also providing ambient lighting. Relaxing music or ambient soundscapes can also help engage all of your senses, helping you focus on the here and now.


Prepare yourself physically: Prepare for a tantric session like how you would prepare for exercise. Although part of the tantric experience will involve some stretching and breathing exercises, you don’t want to enter the situation feeling tense. Eat a small meal a few hours before your experience and perform a few basic stretches beforehand — things will get quite physical and you don’t want to be uncomfortable when you’re trying to be intimate.


Keep an open mind: To benefit from a tantric experience, you must be open to it. It’s natural to feel a little apprehensive or self-conscious, but remember that tantra is all about connecting with yourself. If you’re working with a professional of the tantric arts, they’ll help guide you through the experience one step at a time, allowing you to gradually immerse yourself in the highly pleasurable physical and spiritual sensations.


Making the Most of a Tantric Experience


When initiating the tantric experience — whether it’s massage, meditation or something more intimate — it’s important to feel at ease. Being naked isn’t essential, but it helps. You might even want to start clothed and remove garments as part of the experience — it’s all about whatever makes you feel most confident while keeping all of your senses engaged.


Stay focused on your breathing. If you’re with a partner, synchronising your breathing patterns can help you to work in harmony with one another. Connecting with your partner in this way can strengthen your relationship, allowing you to share deeply intimate and passionate moments that you’ll want to relive over and over again.


Can I Benefit From the Art of Tantra?


Tantric acts are for everyone, no matter your age or gender. Anyone can open themselves to the incredible benefits tantra has to offer. Whether you’re seeking to form a deeper connection with yourself or with your partner — or you’re simply looking try out some new erotic moves in the bedroom — tantric rituals are an amazing way to access your spirituality, greatly enhance your sex life and provide you with deeply fulfilling experiences.

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