How To Build A Sex Room with Private Euphoria Sex Swing

How To Build A Sex Room with Private Euphoria Sex Swing


I seriously loved watching ‘How to Build A Sex Room’ On Netflix. If you are unfamiliar with it, let me enlighten you. It’s a series where interior design meets sexuality. The premise of the show was to refurbish a room and turn it into a dedicated sex space in several couples’ homes. It’s not a bedroom makeover as such. Instead, it is the creation of a space that is exclusively reserved for intimacy and lovemaking. 


The result was a fascinating discovery of sexuality. We learn how sex toys, accessories and specialised furniture can enhance pleasure in a relationship.  More importantly, we saw how the right tools could provide variety, which is not only the spice of life as they say, but it is essential to keep the spark alive in any long-term relationship. I must admit that I loved seeing sex toys and intimacy being promoted and normalised in mainstream media. It’s a big advance for my industry and for my profession as a sexual wellness content creator. 


All the featured couples in the show had different profiles, ages, sexualities and sexual tastes. As a result, their sex rooms reflected that. It was truly fascinating to see how many ways there are to enjoy and express our sexuality and intimate life.


While watching, one of the things that struck me was the fact that most people do not live in properties that are big enough for a dedicated sex space. In addition, the furniture that was designed for sexual activity – as well as the sex toys – were boldly on display and not hidden away. Although I think that this is great, I realise that not everyone is comfortable with having their desires on display. Discretion is very important for those who have families and frequent visitors or guests. 


Of course, the need for discretion shouldn’t be a barrier between you and your appetite for sexplorations with your partner at home. Recently I came across an ingenious way to create your very own sex haven at home. 


Let me tell you about it. 


How to build your very own sex room


I recently discovered the Euphoria Sex Swing. It’s a swing that promises to enhance your lovemaking, no matter what you’re into. That could be tantra, BDSM, fetishism or whatever. Even if you like vanilla sex, a sex swing can definitely provide a much-needed twist to your average penis-in-vagina sex session allowing you to enjoy positions that just wouldn’t be possible on a bed or a sofa. In addition, it can be great for oral sex and bondage. 


Despite its versatile virtues as far as sex is concerned, it can also serve as an “innocent” hanging lounge, it looks elegant and it’s incredibly comfortable. This means that there’s no need to pack it away when you are done. It’s a perfect addition to any living room and you can chill out on it and watch the TV, or read a book when you’re not indulging in sexual activity. The only thing that might give it away to any visitors are the footrests, but they can be removed and re-attached easily. 


It is available in leather and given the fact that I’m a vegan, I was thrilled to discover that it’s also available in PU leather in black and white. The cushion is available in several colours so you can find one that will match your home decor. 


It was created by a couple in Switzerland who never intended to create furniture for sex. They just wanted to find the solution for their own desire to experiment with a sex swing. They tried and tested many sex swings – as many as they could find – but the results were always disappointing. This was because they found many of them to be uncomfortable. Eventually, they decided to take matters into their own hands so to speak and design and create their very own sex swing and label LONESOME DRAGON. The design and testing process has brought them closer together and needless to say, the result has been made with much love, desire and passion. 


The photos feature the flagship of their sex swing collection.


The construction is both simple and sophisticated, as well as being comfortable and stylish. 

Without the need of being super flexible, this sex swing model of Lonesome Dragon allows you to focus on your senses and enjoy your pleasure without any effort at all. You can also enjoy the sensation of floating freely and weightlessly while indulging in sexual stimulation. 


As an alternative to a ceiling mount or an expansive free-standing rack, there is also the possibility of acquiring a wall stand. In addition to the basic sex swing with its cushion and detachable footrests,  you can also find an array of optional accessories to make your sex swing experience even more enticing or comfortable or both. 


For more information, click here


Happy swinging! 

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