How To Be A Good Slave

Being a good slave is not easy. Even the best ones slip up sometimes and make mistakes – sometimes intentionally.

For the first – and last – time, here are my ten slave commandments.

They need to be followed if you ever want to be a good slave yourself.

1. Understand that your Goddess is always right. She should never be questioned or contradicted in any way.

2. A good slave should be available to serve at all times, even when his Goddess is asleep.

3. All of your disposable income should be available for your Goddess to use in whichever way She sees fit.

4. Never – ever – complain. Just shut up and just serve, serve, serve.

5. Always do more for your Goddess than what is expected of you. This might impress Her enough for you to earn privileges.

6. Always listen closely to details and never get important facts wrong.

7.Worship your goddess and realise how lucky you are to be near such a unique creature.

8.Never make demands on your Goddess. Anything you receive from Her is a gift.

9.A good slave never shows any signs of free will.

10.Never threaten your Goddess with the termination of your worship. This is the worst of all possible slave-crimes.

As a natural switch I occasionally enjoy playing around with the role of a passive sub instead of my preferred domme status. When I slid down onto my knees and assumed a classic sub pose I was always aware of the fishnet bodystocking dragging deliciously against my soft, white, skin. The skirted panties that I chose – with their white frill – made me think of myself as a minimum-wage waitress in a fetish club. What could be more submissive than that? I added the burlesque nipple tassels under the stocking, my discount heels because they were uncomfortable to crouch in and, finally, my big, secretary-esque, glasses.

After a short while, holding my sub pose, my knees began to feel sore and uncomfortable against the wooden furniture. I decided, suddenly, that I had had more than enough of playing a sub for one day. I wanted my control back, so I got to my feet.

I have come to the conclusion that I could never make a good slave. As long as I have good slaves serving me, that’s all that really matters.

Photos by Sebas Romero

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  1. savethewhaletailforlast

    No photoshop artist could engineer an outline like yours…only natural lines here and between them…visual ecstasy!

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