How Sexting Can Build Your Confidence

There are certain facts of life that are known to be true. Fact, everyone texts. Fun fact, most women sext. Little known fact, sexting is a very healthy way to expand upon your sex life. Improving your confidence and giving you a better understanding of your sexuality are just a few ways that sexting can benefit you. Today you will learn exactly how sexting can build your confidence. Read on below to unlock your sexuality. 

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Overcoming Shyness

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If you have ever felt like sexual topics are taboo then sexting can help you break free of that. It’s really difficult to be vulnerable, sex is one of the most vulnerable states we can be in as humans. The benefit of sexting is that it’s not real sex. It’s an erotic fantasy of things you could sometimes only imagine doing. This is such an excellent way to broach subjects around sex that would make you feel shy in real life scenarios. When you are not required to speak to someone in person it removes the entire rejection factor from the equation. Most things we are shy about are things we attach to shame. Sexuality should never be shameful, sexting about things you find sexy can remove the taboo aspect of sex.


When you become more comfortable speaking about sex you will also become more confident in yourself. It’s a bonus to the exploration of one’s private kinks. Chatting anonymously can open you up  in ways that the people you know may not. When you know that after the chat you never have to see/sext the person on the other end again it allows you to be less shy about topics. 


Become a Sexpert!

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You don’t need to go to school to become a Sexpert, you just need to have a lot of experience talking about sex! A Sexpert does not neccessarily have a lot of sex, they are simply well versed in speaking about it. Through sexting you are single handedly teaching yourself more about your own sexuality and others. Especially when you sext with multiple partners. This gives you more insight into what men want but are too afraid to tell women in real life. 


Being a Sexpert does not mean you need to work in the adult industry either. It simply means you are well versed in the topic of sex. This means you now have more arsenal to walk into relationships with. Your future sexual partners will seriously benefit from that and so will you! The most memorable sexual experiences we have are with those who are not afraid to try new things. Sexting gives you a plethora of kinks to talk about and act out if you fancy them enough in your personal life.


Get Paid To Sext!

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Did you know that you can actually get paid to sext with men online? It’s the perfect way to sharpen your sexting skills while earning additional revenue. Sexting as a gig is not for everyone but it might  be for you if you have a dirty mind , enjoy making money and are highly ambitious. You can be online at any time of any day you desire and be making money sharing kinky stories with strangers you will never have to meet. What a better way to unlock your sexuality, build your confidence and widen your wallet. Arousr is a trusted platform for this and they are always looking for new sex chat hosts. If you find that sexting is something you enjoy why not get paid for it? You will be a Sexpert in no time. 

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