How I Tripled My Income Thanks to Sex Magick

It was March 2018 and I was wondering how I was going to pay the rent of my new penthouse apartment in Barceloneta, a barrio next to the sea in Barcelona, Spain. I was sleeping on an old soft mattress that had belonged to the previous tenant. In addition, I didn’t even have a pillow. I just folded a blanket to rest my head on at night. As a result, my neck was constantly tight and stiff. 


Although living in a penthouse apartment by the sea may sound pretty cool, I must point out that it was on the 6th floor and there was no lift. In addition, the lack of insulation meant that during the winter months I was constantly freezing. 


I remember one day when I was sitting on the beach watching the roaring waves. Although it was a beautiful sight to behold, I was consumed by thoughts of self-doubt. I started to wonder if I deserved the life I had created for myself in Barcelona. 


A little bit of background about me: I’m British and I’ve been a sexual wellness content creator since 2009. I’ve experienced some great moments of success over the years. For example, I’ve landed writing collaborations with well-known media outlets, book deals, and sponsored content. It didn’t occur to me to change my profession when I was struggling. I accepted that freelance life has its ups and downs and I was going through a down period. 


I needed to change something to get back on the up but I didn’t know how to make that happen. 


I felt so lost that I started looking for self-help content online. 


After some googling for keywords that I no longer remember, I came across the book ‘Think And Grow Rich,’ by Napoleon Hill. I discovered a chapter in it called ‘The Mystery of Sex Transmutation’. I wondered why on earth there was a chapter about sexuality in a book about success.  And not just any old book; Think and Grow Rich is actually the bestselling book of success of all time. Even though it was published in 1937, the concepts are timeless. 


As a sexpert, I thought I already knew a lot about sexuality, but I was about to learn that it had a much deeper meaning than I could have ever imagined. Hill talked about the fact that many successful people were individuals with high libidos but who knew how to harness their sexual energy and channel it towards their goals. 


Specifically, he wrote: 


“The mere possession of this energy is not sufficient to produce a genius. The energy must be transmuted from desire for physical contact, into some other form of desire and action, before it will lift one to the status of a genius. 


Far from becoming genii, because of great sex desires, the majority of men lower themselves, through misunderstanding and misuse of this great force, to the status of the lower animals.”


In my work, I have always been focused on pleasure. I wanted to overcome the taboo associated with sexuality and promote female orgasm. But learning about the power of sexual energy was a whole new concept entirely. I knew sex was powerful, but I had no idea that it could be a powerful manifestation tool. 


I went down the rabbit hole of sexual transmutation and although I found it fascinating, I also considered it to be a form of orgasm denial which I wasn’t interested in. This was because my job is testing sex toys and writing about their orgasmic attributes. Despite this, I was still curious about using my sexual energy to manifest so I kept searching. 


Thanks to my perseverance, I came across sex magick; which is using orgasmic energy to manifest. 


Here’s a Wikipedia definition: 


“Sex magick is any type of sexual activity used in magical, ritualistic or otherwise religious and spiritual pursuits. One practice of sex magic is using sexual arousal or orgasm with visualization of the desired result. A premise posited by sex magicians is the concept that sexual energy is a potent force that can be harnessed to transcend one’s normally perceived reality.”


I was fascinated when I discovered this. I was thrilled to learn that I could use my sexual energy to manifest and still enjoy my orgasms.


In basic terms, sex magick involves setting an intention before a sexual encounter, and then just as you are about to orgasm you imagine you have accomplished your desire. It is a similar concept to the law of attraction, but it is clearly much more fun. 


As soon as I discovered that I could set an intention for my orgasms, I was so motivated that

I started practising it right away. 


Within a couple of days, some money I hadn’t been expecting landed in my account and I was able to pay my rent. I was so relieved but also amazed when I started to wonder what else I could manifest. 


Masturbation with intention made my self-love sessions more meaningful.  It was no longer only about feeling pleasure and focusing on my erotic triggers to provoke an orgasm. Instead, every climax was channelled towards a goal. There was a lot going on in my head and the process took a lot longer than when I just did it for pleasure.  


People often ask me if I practise sex magick with a partner. Although there are sex magicians who practise with a partner or even in a group, it was and is a solo practice for me. I’ve never been inspired to share my rituals. When I’m with a partner I just focus on pleasure, intimacy and sometimes, love. 


Since discovering sex magick, I have read every book I could find about it. I’ve watched every video, I’ve experimented with different techniques and I’ve even created some of my own. After a couple of months, I started manifesting bigger things.  At first, I was mainly focused on work and financial stuff and I started landing some big collaborations that I never could have imagined. 


Without giving away too many personal details, let’s just say that my accountant started to treat me differently when he saw my impressive invoices. Although seeing how much tax I had to pay as a result of my newfound abundance was not so impressive. But then again, as my accountant says: “You pay a lot when you earn a lot.”  I have to be grateful for that I suppose. 


Eventually, I managed to upgrade my living space and I moved to a stylish apartment in the Eixample district of Barcelona. This time my building had a lift – thank God! I also bought a new bed – the best I could find – and these days I have five pillows and my neck feels great. 


I believe that sex magick has primed me to think bigger. I think mindset is so important when it comes to success. It’s the beginning of the growth process but it’s not the only thing. It would be naive to think that you can just sit at home and masturbate your way to success. It’s primordial to take relevant action and of course to let go of any attachment to your chosen goal. 


My life today is a far cry from what it was on 2018 and I believe I have sex magick to thank. Now I want to share my story and my techniques, so I can help others to discover this empowering way to use one’s sexual energy. I have shared my techniques with close friends I’ve even given workshops about sex magick in Soho House and The Cover, a couple of private members’ clubs in Barcelona. I’ve written about it in The Guardian and I even shared my story in an interview that appeared in The Daily Mail


More recently, I’ve started mentoring people in one-to-one sessions to teach them how to use their own sexual energy to manifest. I have heard so many success stories.  I love receiving messages from people that I have taught telling me that they have manifested whatever it is they were thinking about during their orgasms. It brings me great joy. 


Even though sex magick is nothing new, there are not many people teaching others about how wonderful sexual energy can be when used as a powerful manifestation tool.  It has completely transformed my views on sexuality and its meaning. Sex is not just for pleasure or procreation. It’s pure power. 


If you would like to book a session with me on sex magick, click here. 

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