Hot Desk

Hot Desk by Venus O’Hara

Hot Desk

I love my job. Not only is it fun, but it also provides me with the lifestyle I desire the most. I am my own boss, I have flexible hours, and don’t have to deal with coworkers I hate. However, working from home can be very lonely. This is because I often spend the whole day alone, craving human contact.

A few months ago, I discovered the perfect solution for my situation and I joined a coworking space. Not only did it fulfill my social needs, but I also realised it could be an opportunity to meet my next lover. I got all excited about this prospect one day when the only available desk was next to a very charming Scandinavian.

Despite his extremely serious demeanor, I discovered that he has a great sense of humour and he always makes provocative jokes that make me blush. Despite his high level of intelligence, our conversations are not exactly intellectual. At first, everything was innocent. But when we started having coffee at a nearby café, things got very steamy.

Under the table, he would touch me. He would delicately caress my legs and thighs, leaving me wanting more. His Midas touch combined with his intense gaze that aroused me was like an overdose of sensuality.

One day, I decided to take the game to another level. I wore leggings that accentuated my vaginal lips through the thin fabric. My Viking friend looked at me with a more passionate and daring gaze than usual. He looked like he wanted to devour me, he was almost salivating as he stared at my cameltoe. He made no secret of what he was looking at and I felt my clitoris throb in response to his gaze. The fact that this brief but profound exchange of carnal desire took place when everyone around us was working in silence, trying to concentrate on their respective professional projects, made it seem much more scandalous. But the point of no return was when he slid his finger very delicately along my vulva under the table.

Given that a barrier was crossed, I knew that I had to have sex with him. This was the point of no return and It was high time to take things to another level. That night, I sent him a message asking for his address. He gave it to me. We didn’t discuss what was going to happen, it just seemed so obvious that we both needed to express our unspoken desire for each other.

I wore a black dress without underwear and took a taxi to his place. I felt so naked as I felt the breeze against my labia., I became aware of how wet I was as I played out all sorts of scenarios in my head about what would happen when I reached my destination. 

After greeting each other, I received the most mindful cunnilingus of my life. Meaning, I was present and not imagining strange scenes as I usually do to reach orgasm. He was so soft and delicate with me, I still throb when I remember it. Then, we had penetrative sex all over his apartment. I enjoyed some loud orgasms that had been brewing inside me for weeks. When he climaxed, he growled like a wild animal.

Now that we’ve slept together, the hot desk situation at the coworking space is more scandalous than ever. Ironically, when I actually need to concentrate on my work, I actually stay at home to have fewer distractions. But when I crave human touch, I know exactly where to go.


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