High-Waisted Panties – Venus O’Hara

A while ago, I wouldn’t have been seen dead wearing a pair of high-waisted panties. They were so old fashioned and unpopular that I couldn’t imagine ever wanting to own a pair.

Now though, retro underwear is so in demand, particularly 1950s bullet – bras, corsets and stockings, that I really felt the lack of a well fitting pair of black, high-waisted, panties.

After I found a pair and tried them on for the first time I discovered, very quickly, why they lost popularity. They’re not exactly the easiest things to put on or take off as I found out the first time I went to the bathroom. I did find an instant advantage though – they felt like a suit of fabric armour underneath whatever I was wearing. It was like having a secret outfit underneath my outer one.

During the shoot I thought it would be sexier to leave out the stockings altogether and have the detachable suspender straps hanging down. Matched with a black bra, the panties almost became a body, hugging my curves and emphasising my vintage style.

I wanted to get the “cabaret” look, so I put my hair up, covered it with a trilby hat and emphasised my long white neck in the mirror. The high – waisted panties looked so much like a girdle in the reflected image that I understood the power of the vintage fetish more than ever.

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Photos by Yuky.

11 thoughts on “High-Waisted Panties – Venus O’Hara”

  1. dunkinCumberland

    Yeah, Cabaret, Isherwood and Weimar nights at the KittyKat club…I’m there already with you.

  2. Only you could make a noir Fetish set seem so easy and essential. This quality stuff and as arousing as ever.

  3. Just checked out your panty fetish section in your amazing Fetish glossary and I was blown away! This new set is the best and you’re so hot it hurts.

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