High Heel Fetish

High Heel Fetish Photos by Yuky Lutz

High Heel Fetish

There is nothing quite like putting on a pair of high heels to feel sexy. This is not just down to the simple fact that they make the female leg and figure so much more beautiful to look at. Wearing heels can change your whole attitude and posture. Even the noise that they make on a hard floor can be highly arousing.

I have always envied women who are able to walk easily and elegantly in high heels without falling over. Sadly, I do not have as much luck as they do. It is very difficult for me to find shoes that combine sex appeal with comfort. The few times that I have gone out wearing high heels have ended up the same way and bruises are something that are never thought of as sexy. Because of my clumsiness, I only wear heels for photo sessions and sex sessions. That way I never have to wear them for too long.

On the other hand, if it turns out that I am already taller than my lover without my putting on heels, then he will not be amused if I make myself even taller with them on. And neither would I. This issue for him is is easily resolved when I am sitting down or when I become horizontal. I do not have to be standing up to realise the potential of my high heels.

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A friend of mine has a collection of heels that would make even Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in The City envious. She tells me that they are the only item that is always going to fit perfectly whatever her weight is. She is highly fortunate to have a partner who is really into high heels. He is a sales rep. Every time he gets paid a commission, he comes home with a big bunch of flowers and a new pair of designer heels for her. Seeing her try them on is his favourite way of celebrating his success.

Despite this, according to what she tells me, he is still far from being the perfect boyfriend. This is due to his obsession with football. When they are at home, and a live match is on the TV, she strips naked and puts high heels on. Then she stands in front of the tv to block his view. It is the only thing that will distract him even during the most important games…

For some men, their fetish for high heels can be associated with other kinks as well. The fascination for legs and hosiery, in conjunction with heels, seems an obvious connection. The skilful interplay between feet and heels can also prove to be quite intoxicating. Sometimes, the mere sight of a shoe or, high heel, is enough to awaken the erotic imagination.

Translation of ‘Fetichismo por los tacones‘, published in El Pais.

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