Huge Penis

Help! My Boyfriend Has a Huge Penis.

Help! My Boyfriend Has a Huge Penis.

Written by Rupert O.


In this video, Venus replies to a pressing question that she received on Instagram. A commenter explained that she was going out with a guy and there was an ongoing issue with the size of his penis. She goes on to outline the problems that occur when it comes time for him to penetrate her in the normal course of having sex. The magnitude of his manhood precludes an easy ride. Her query revolved around the advice Venus could provide that might suggest ways to ease the discomfort she experiences. Although the couple has tried using plenty of foreplay, the final act remained difficult. Lubricant has also been deployed in copious quantities but to little avail. ‘Do you have any tips?’ She wondered.


Venus reflects on two memorable occasions in her life when she saw different men who both possessed ‘a massive manhood.’ Although, at different times, she also found having sex with  them more than a little bit uncomfortable. She still maintains that the emphasis needn’t always be placed solely on penetration where active intimacy is concerned. Perhaps, she wonders, if there can be sex sessions where penetration can be set aside completely?




With reference to her own management of the ‘big cock conundrum’, Venus warns the commenter not to get into the habit of anticipating the difficulty in accommodating an oversized male member. There exists a possibility of worrying about sex in that case. And if she becomes unconsciously conditioned to exhibit reluctance to engage with it then only tension and anxiety can result.


Venus congratulates the commenter for using foreplay as a necessary prerequisite, and highly enjoyable preamble, to sex. She emphasises that plenty of lubrication is also’ really, really important.’ In fact, it is essential if one is to house a truly voluminous phallus. Venus recommends that sometimes making foreplay the end, and not just the means, can facilitate occasions of situational ecstasy.


Another tip that she offers is for her correspondent to assume greater control, temporarily, to make the process easier.  If, for example, she gets on top, tells her partner to keep as still as possible, and maintains a firm grip on the base of his penis, she can take charge. Perhaps he could hold his own cock steady instead? In this way, she can determine the depth, and rhythm, of penetration for herself. Venus is an aficionado of this approach.


Venus adds that adopting different sexual positions while utilising this style can yield amazing results. Expanding upon this, she recommends that having a physically gifted male remain absolutely still, on his back, while the woman uses vaginal contractions on him, is a revelation. The potential of a powerful pelvic floor, to stimulate him and provoke an orgasm for her is hard to underestimate. At the very least, he could enjoy a rest if he’s fatigued from thrusting.


All of Venus’ suggestions, tips and recommendations build confidence and outline some mutually satisfying variations in the bedroom. They can only complement the usual hardcore pounding option. When you’re with a guy who arrives in the bedroom, kitted out with a surplus of equipment, the smart approach can pay big dividends.

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