Heart and Honey Box – Subscription Box Review

This isn’t the first subscription box that I have received. But it is definitely the best, without a shadow of a doubt. 


Subscription boxes are a lot of fun for self-discovery on your own or with a partner. They are usually themed and they are packed with goodies to keep you busy, and more importantly, prevent you from getting into a predictable sexual routine. 

There are couples and singles subscription boxes: girl-girl, boy-boy or girl-boy. I received a girl-boy subscription box. It took me so long to review as I wanted to test all of the contents thoroughly. It’s exciting to sign up for something and not know what is coming, only that you will definitely be coming… 


The box I received was full of orgasmic goodies and had a geisha theme. Many of the products were ideal for foreplay, sensual explorations, fetish play as well as orgasms. They certainly are ideal for encouraging a couple to engage in more than just penetrative sex. 

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with new ideas to keep the passion alive in a long term relationship. Thanks to a subscription box, someone else does the thinking for you and you can just try and test and see what you like or dislike. It’s a great way to keep the spark alive and explore new things with your partner. After all, intimacy is very important in ar relationship and it definitely improves happiness as well as general well-being. 


I loved the geisha themed products. There were some geisha socks with thonged toes, ideal to wear with flip flops. I absolutely adore them and I must confess that I do have a sock fetish. It is unfortunate that most people do not associate socks with eroticism, but interestingly, wearing socks during sex has been scientifically proven to be more orgasmic. 

Other geisha themed products include red lipstick (I’m wearing it in the video below). I think red lipstick a great feature when giving a blow job… There is also some subtle perfume that can be worn on the neck. It has a fresh lemony smell. 


There is also some stimulating cream for him. I must confess that I’m not a big fan of applying lotions and potions to my genitals. But as this stimulating cream is actually for men and can be fun to use while masturbating a male partner. It is warm and tingly and can provide some extra stimulation to his penis. It can also be applied to the penis before penetration and therefore stimulate the female partner. Of course, this is only if you practice sex without condoms, which as a lover of safe-sex, I wouldn’t recommend. Fortunately, it is compatible with latex condoms and can enhance his sensation when wearing a condom. 

There is a fan which geishas use as an accessory to dance with making ‘now you see me. now you don’t’ teasing gestures to cover their facial features.


For fetish lovers, there is a fun kit from Rianne S which includes some nipple jewellery, a small butt plug which is ideal for beginners and a very cool mask. It could even be worn to a party, and not just a private one with your beau. 

As far as sex toys are concerned, it is very varied. There is a remote-controlled vibrating silicone egg which is worn in the vagina and your partner can control. This can be a lot of fun to use in a public as well as in the privacy of your own home. Personally, I would recommend using it for a supermarket trip. It will be unforgettable! You could also use it during a dinner date, but depending where you are in the world, that is not so easy right now with all the COVID restrictions. 

There is a horseshoe shape couples toy from Satisfyer that can be used in over 14 ways. Perfect for couples and for solo play.


There is also a rabbit vibrator which is quite small and as I always say, rabbit vibrators are one of the most versatile sex toys that exist. They can be used for dual stimulation, externally for clitoral stimulation and even for anal stimulation.

All in all, there are many things to keep any sexually curious couples entertained until the next subscription box becomes available. 


Check out my video review below!


For more information about the Heart and Honey subscription box, visit: www.heartandhoneybox.com

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