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Healing orgasms


Written by Rupert O.


In this video, Venus is doing something different. It was shot in Benissiva, which is in Valencia, Spain. It is Christmas Day but she’s in an orange orchard, in the sun. She really isn’t a big fan of Christmas. So, this year, she decided to give herself the best present ever – an absolutely fantastic yoga retreat. The week has been devoted to healing.


Venus wants to use the video to talk about healing orgasms. She’s been practising something called Sexual Transmutation.’ In this way, she can use orgasm, with The Law of Attraction, to manifest her desires. It’s been very successful for the last 2 years. And, it has been related to many of her professional life goals. But there hasn’t been a particular emphasis on personal ones, however. And then, yesterday, she had her first healing orgasm. She wanted to share it by telling a very personal story.


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