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Discovering the hairy armpits fetish

For the first time in my life, I’ve decided to have hairy armpits. I haven’t welcomed the fact of my fine armpit hairs ever since the first time they appeared. It’s no surprise then that I began to shave them off immediately and didn’t stop. I’m lucky in some ways because I’ve never produced that much body hair in general. That means, if I don’t get around to shaving my armpits for a couple of days, I’m not going to turn into a gorilla. Another benefit of not having to shave all that often is the avoidance of unnecessary, and distracting, skin irritation after the fact.

Hairy Armpits Fetish Venus O'Hara by Mr Tickle BCN-0006
Just recently, I’ve begun to embrace my hairy armpits. For the first time, that I can remember, I’ve decided not to shave my armpits at all. This isn’t just a passing moment of capriciousness on my part, I have to confess. I’m not just being curious, I’m being practical and businesslike as well. I’d been noticing an obvious increase in online armpit interest, with armpit fetishists visiting my blog and requesting specific content. It became clear that the needs of my armpit fetish aficionados had to be attended to and catered for. So, I left my armpits to their own devices to see what they would be like au naturel.

As far as fashion is concerned, the rule has always been that having hairy armpits is a serious faux pas. After all, you’d never see any armpit hair flaunted on the red carpet outside an awards ceremony and you certainly wouldn’t expect to see it featured in a deodorant advert. But, with the advent of hipsterism and alternative beauty trends, body hair is making a come back; hairy armpits in particular.

Hairy Armpits Fetish Venus O'Hara by Mr Tickle BCN-0001

It’s now been two months since I shaved my armpits and, I have to say, that it’s not as uncomfortable as I ‘d been expecting. With hairy armpits, it helps that it isn’t summer any more. It seems odd but I’m not dying to shave them as much as I might’ve expected. To tell the truth, I’m increasingly up for flaunting my new armpit fluff as much as I can. And I have every intention of bringing you more hairy armpit content quite soon.

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