GVibe 2 Review

GVibe 2 Review

Versatile vibrators require more than one test.

It’s been five years since I began my career in sex toy testing. After reviewing hundreds of toys, I can still get really excited about trying something new and discovering its unique gifts at first hand. It thrills me just how much the pleasure sector is still evolving. When I retire, I’m sure that I’ll have a collection that will justify its own museum.

My personal masturbation style has also evolved over the years. I remember when I started, I used to masturbate several times a day at least. It became quite compulsive and, when it began to push 6 times a day, it might be fair to say that I was probably on the borderline of masturbation addiction. For me, every unnecessary delay or little annoyance became an excuse for self-pleasure: writer’s block, boredom, even waiting for my frozen pizza to cook in the oven. It was shortly afterwards that I decided to reduce the quantity and only do it when I had an official sex toy test, or if I was genuinely horny.

In those days, it took me an average of 10 minutes to orgasm. I was really just looking for a rapid release, an escape. Now, however, masturbation has taken on a whole new meaning, especially since my spiritual awakening. These days, it’s all about the sacredness of self-love sessions. I practise sexual transmutation; the channelling of my divine sexual energy towards more wholesome ambitions or life goals. To use this method effectively, it’s a good idea to increase the potential energy of my climax as much as possible and that means no rushing. I tend to get lost in a meditative state and the result is that my orgasms take much longer to produce. But, the process is so much more meaningful.

I must admit, that when I received the G Vibe 2 vibrator and saw its unusual shape, I wondered if it would work for me. Then, after studying it, I understood just how many different ways there were to enjoy it.

It’s a vibrator with a shaft that splits into two distinct points. Imagine a pair of very flexible tongues with motors in their tips. There is also another powerful motor located in the base of the shaft. I studied the accompanying leaflet that included drawings of some suggested uses and decided to try all the solo female options. If I’d been masturbating at my old rate, I would have completed all the tests in one day. At my current pace, it took longer and lasted longer. With every variation, I had much more than an ordinary orgasm in mind.

G Vibe 2 has 6 patterns that can be increased, or decreased, according to your taste.

PACKAGING: G Vibe 2 is presented in a cylindrical container that includes a USB charging cable, a drawstring storage bag and an instructions manual with illustrations that suggest uses for men, women and couples.

MATERIAL: Medical grade silicone. Compatible with water-based lubricant. Waterproof.

USABILITY: It comes with a magnetic charger. Charge the toy for several hours before using it for the first time.

After studying the different solo female uses, I opted for the following:

The first way was with one prong stimulating the clitoris and the other focused on the entrance of the anus. It felt amazing,

The second was with a cock ring around it to bring the two tips closer together and stimulate the clitoris almost like a rabbit vibrator (external only). It was delicious,

Interestingly, my favourite way to enjoy it wasn’t on the list of suggested uses at all. I deployed it like a classic vibrator; using pressure – and both tips – against my clitoris but without the cock ring.

For a visual explanation, please see the video below.

And finally, I tried it like a rabbit vibrator. That is to say, with one prong inside the vagina and the other outside, to stimulate the clitoris. I was amazed at how comfortable and flexible it was. I wasn’t expecting it to feel so good inside.

I imagined that it could be good for 2 women, with one prong per pussy. I pondered that, lay back and closed my eyes. Switching the toy on, I entered a dreamlike sapphic parallel universe where I found myself present during sessions at the type of yoga retreats that I crave the most.

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NOISE LEVEL: Nothing scandalous. Suitable for those who live in a shared apartment or with their parents.


ORGASM-O-BILITY: After several thorough testing sessions, my most intense climax was achieved by using it like a rabbit vibrator.

I also loved using the two tips together in order to stimulate the clitoris. Amazing!

PROS: Incredibly versatile. For him, her, or for use with a couple. Silent. Rechargeable. Adjustable vibration settings. Flexible shape for extra spice during foreplay, or the achievement of orgasm, depending on how you choose to use it. Elegant packaging. Original design.

CONS: If you’re looking for a more conventional vibrator, this isn’t for you.

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  • Female solo use
  • Male solo use
  • Lesbian sex
  • Heterosexual foreplay
  • Anyone looking for a versatile sex toy.

For more information about G Vibe 2, visit www.gvibe.com

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