Gplug Bioskin and Gring by GVibe – Review

Gplug Bioskin and Gring by GVibe – Review 

Most people lament the end of summer as it invariably means going back to their usual work/life routine. I have a different opinion – I just love it. September has a ‘reset’ vibe about it. It was the same when I went back to school, or Uni, after the long Summer break. When it was school, I used to love arranging my new stationery and the smell of my brand new textbooks. The grey skies reminded me of new beginnings. Every Autumn term I made a promise to myself that this year I would be more organised, but that never happened.

Now that I live in Barcelona, going back to the routine feels rather different. Living on the Mediterranean means that I’m not going back to the cold, doom and gloom of restrictive routines, In fact, I have the best routine ever. I work 4 hours a day as a professional sex toy tester and I go to the gym every day. I have an orgasmic lifestyle that involves no alarms in the morning, living by the beach and homecooked vegan food.  Working from home means that Instead of having to commute in a crowded train or bus during the rush hour, I can enjoy walks on the beach instead.

I also love the fact that I don’t have to share a space with colleagues that I hate.

This Gplug Bioskin, used in combination with Gring – both from GVibe – is the perfect way to ease myself back into my routine and facilitate my mission to raise orgasmic awareness.

Gplug Bioskin is an extra soft – ergonomically designed – rechargeable vibrating butt plug. It can be used manually or with Gring acting as a compatible remote control.

Gring is the standard remote control device for several GVibe products that must be purchased separately. As it fits snugly on your finger and vibrates, it can be used as a clitoral stimulator in its own right while you control another toy. Used this way, you’ll never run the risk of losing your remote control again.

PACKAGING: Gplug Bioskin and Gring are both presented in their respective cylindrical boxes that also contain a USB charging cable, a drawstring storage bag and an instructions leaflet.

MATERIAL: Extra soft bodysafe silicone. Compatible with water-based lubricant. Waterproof, so you can enjoy them in the bath or the shower.

Gplug bioskin has 6 settings. G ring has 6 settings that can be increased or decreased.



USABILITY: It’s not often that I get to use two different sex toys at one and the same time. But, whenever I do, it’s invariably an unforgettable and intense experience. Personally, I prefer to use toys manually instead of having to rely on a remote control. When it comes to anal toys, however, it’s always best to use a remote as it’s not so practical to change the settings manually.

Both Gplug Bioskin and Gring take 1.5 hours to charge and that will provide you with up to 40 minutes of pleasure on the highest setting.

I’m still a relative newbie when it comes to using anal toys. So, to get me fully in the zone, I began by using the Gring as an independent clitoral stimulator. Then, when I was sufficiently aroused, I decided to begin inserting the butt plug. I made sure that the two toys were paired before introducing Gplug. I lubed it up with a water-based lubricant and took some deep breaths before easing the tip inside.

It felt wide but manageable. The sensation of being stretched and filled was intoxicating even before switching the vibration function on. I ran through the different settings as I continued to stimulate my clitoris with Gring. I enjoyed an elaborate fantasy which was only heightened by the sensation of intense, dual-stimulation.

GVibe, anal plug, anal training, anus stimulation, clitoral stimulation, vibrator, couple sex toys, rechargeable sex toys, venusohara,

GVibe, anal plug, anal training, anus stimulation, clitoral stimulation, vibrator, couple sex toys, rechargeable sex toys, venusohara,


Although I used the toys on my own, they could so easily have been exploited by myself and a partner; either male or female. Either one could have enjoyed the butt plug toy while I used Gring to stimulate myself while controlling their toy. An alternative could be for a partner to wear the Gring and stimulate my clitoris. There are so many possible combinations. Perhaps I’ll explore them next time!

ORGASM-O-BILITY: I would recommend the Gplug for someone who has already had some degree of anal experience. It took me a little while to get fully used to the sensations provided by both toys being used simultaneously. After getting accustomed to it, I wanted to delay my orgasm to make it as intense as possible. When I finally did come, the presence of the anal toy intensified the orgasm to an amazing extent. I made some noisy shrieks of intense pleasure that I almost didn’t recognise as coming from me. I love surprising myself and these orgasms definitely fit the bill! This was a special start to September without a shadow of a doubt.

GVibe, anal plug, anal training, anus stimulation, clitoral stimulation, vibrator, couple sex toys, rechargeable sex toys, venusohara,

PROS: Silent. Powerfully stimulating. Soft texture. Waterproof. ergonomic shape. Intense orgasms. Cute packaging. Lots of pleasure possibilities if used with a partner.

CONS: Gring needs to be purchased separately.


  • Anal training.
  • Dual stimulation – stimulating your anus and clitoris simultaneously.
  • Using with a partner.


For more information about Gplug Bioskin or Gring, visit


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