The Joy of Going Down – Venus O’Hara

There’s no secret to the best way of getting a blowjob. If you want one, guys, you can’t just expect to get it when you feel like it. You have to earn it by going down and convincing her, in every way, that she will always come first.

I was writing an article for GQ Spain called “10 things you still don’t know about women” and one of the points I made was that men still don’t go down on women nearly enough. I wanted to illustrate the point with some appropriate photos and these ones seemed perfect for the job.

The tight panties I wore in the shoot were sheer and left little to the imagination. With my long red-straightened-hair, 80’s style make-up and see-through blouse I rolled around the throw and urged my hips and derriere forward, emphasising the centre of attention, as I thought about the joys of going down on someone.

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Photos by Yuky.

6 thoughts on “The Joy of Going Down – Venus O’Hara”

  1. li'l_bean_flicker

    Venus, you just get hotter and hotter…but this is blistering my balls. I can almost see what I’d like to go down on right now.

  2. guavamaniac777

    Hey Venus, I a new fan but am instant belief in you. You look much sexy on the red but this white skin drive me crazy. You ass look as good as candy. I love Venus candy very much.

  3. That’s sad little boys never learned to eat everything on their plate. They need to take a class on how to. Lol

  4. ¡Que sexy estás en ts fotos y que gran interpetración! y que lenceria tan bonita y como me gustaria tumbarme contigo.

  5. I dont know why some men dont go down or not do it right. If you enjoy it and are into it then IMO it automaticly will be an amazing experience. Just take your time and tease/play she will be begging and willing for almost anything.

  6. I would rather lick pussy all day then almost anything else!! No problem with me not going down on her enough!!

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