Going Commando

I was pleased to discover recently that I was the proud owner of four hundred pairs of panties even though I prefer to “Go Commando” whenever the opportunity arises. The origin of the term “Going Commando” is disputed but what isn’t open to question is its meaning and that is getting dressed but leaving your panties behind.

I must confess that, for me, there is nothing quite like the sensation of a cool breeze caressing my nakedness and reminding me of my pantiless condition. Each cool stroke is surprising, invigorating and arousing.

venus o'hara commando 18

Letting my lady parts breathe is not just a way to stay stimulated and sensitised either. There is a body of opinion that believes going commando to be a healthier and more natural state of affairs below the waistband. I am not convinced that this is always the case when wearing full-length jeans or trousers because the circulation of air is somewhat restricted and a humid, subtropical, environment might be encouraged.

Even under the most ideal of conditions, going commando is not a habit that is entirely free of risk. This is especially true during warm weather when silly, flimsy, skirts are being worn.There is always the threat of a “Seven Year Itch” moment when an awkward up-draft or unexpectedly strong breeze could encourage your skirt to blow upwards before you have an opportunity to press it back down over your obvious nakedness. Someone who is easily shocked, or apt to be turned on, would be left in no doubt that you left your panties at home.

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In cooler weather, or in winter, going commando is much easier. Clothing tends to be heavier, warmer and it can be layered so that there is little or no chance of your secret being revealed. The combination of a woolen skirt, stockings and suspenders almost encourages the removal of panties. A long overcoat keeps the skirt where it needs to be and maintains the illusion up until the moment you choose to share your nakedness at a strategic moment. I have been on dates when I have used that scandalous revelation for its utmost provocative effect.

When I am at home I always go commando, even when I am counting my panties or sorting them into their various colours and styles. For me, it is less important to select which panties to wear than it is to decide whether to wear any at all.

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