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Glove fetishism is a specific clothing fetish where an individual is compelled and stimulated by the sight of another person, or themselves, wearing gloves on their hands. The effectiveness of the fetish can be enhanced by the material that the glove is made of: leather, cotton, latex, PVC, satin or nylon.

In gloves fetish, the actions of a gloved hand can be just as arousing as the glove itself. This can be explained by the material of the glove becoming a fetishistic “stand-in” for the skin of the wearer. Even the smallest, subtlest movements by gloved fingers, or of the whole hand, can assume tremendous visual and sound stimulus, igniting profound sensual and sexual arousal.
gloves fetish by Venus O'Hara Victor Ag
The simple act of putting gloves on, or slipping them off the hands, can also be the fulfillment of a profound glove fetish fantasy and some glove fetishists also specify certain lengths, for example the long opera-style or short cuff length. Sometimes fetishists integrate gloves into preferred fantasy outfits like those worn by nurses, policewomen or French maids.
gloves fetish by Venus O'Hara Victor Ag
In addition to their stylised appearance, some individuals go as far as using gloves on themselves or others as a form of sexual stimulation. Thin latex medical gloves are most commonly used by gloves fetishists but thick, brightly coloured, household rubber gloves can also have an attraction all of their own.

In this set I can be seen wearing the PVC, elbow-length gloves that I wore in my short fetish film: Love Me Like You Hate Me.
gloves fetish by Venus O'Hara Victor Ag
Photography by Victor Ag.

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  1. I never got the thing about PVC until I saw these pics; they look slick, sticky and delicious in contrast to this girl’s whiter-than-white skin. She rocks!

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