Gbulb from Gvibe – Review

And then the Goddess said: Let there be light! She switched the Gbulb on and, instead of illuminating, it vibrated. ‘F**k the light, let there be orgasms instead’ she exclaimed and proceeded to stimulate her throbbing clitoris with Gbulb.

My spiritual awakening has been turbulent, to say the least. But now, after numerous struggles, hard-won realisations and discovering that true happiness lies in gratitude and living as authenticly as possible,  I now feel as though I’m approaching a state of true enlightenment. There have been many stages in this process. At first, I experienced a profound disruption in my life that obliged me to rethink just about everything. After that came a conscious realignment, ego-death and a sense of becoming my true self. Finally, after the meticulous alignment, and the adopting of habits that will result in the raising of my vibration, I can just sit back, relax and let the universe do its thing. It can be unsettling to realise how little of the outside world you can control; you can only control how you feel inside. I believe, in all sincerity, that you have to trust the process and incredible things will come to fruition as a result.  

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I’m using orgasm as a tool to reach enlightenment through sexual transmutation. In other words, instead of relying upon masturbation as a form of sexual release, I exploit my self-love sessions to channel my sexual energy towards more profound goals through visualisation.

Gbulb has been instrumental in provoking many of my recent orgasms. I don’t need conventional light bulbs to provide illumination when my orgasmic energy will transport me to another dimension instead.

One key component of my spiritual lifestyle is appreciating everything I already have and the practice of minimalism when applied to material things. The no-frills blister pack that contains Gbulb seems ideal for an enlightening orgasmic experience. It makes the toy seem less sexual and, to some extent, more normalised. What you see is what you get. Gbulb includes a magnetic USB cable and its multilingual instructions are thoughtfully included on the reverse of the packaging.

Gbulb is a powerful vibrator that is shaped – amusingly – like a conventional household lightbulb. It provides the same type of stimulation as a wand massager but at a much more affordable price. Value for money isn’t Gbulb’s only advantage. It fits comfortably in your hand and it can make for a discreet and useful travelling companion. Wand massagers, on the other hand, tend to be too bulky to be an inconspicuous addition to your hand luggage.

MATERIAL: Squidgy, soft silicone. Compatible with water-based lubricant.

STRENGTH OF VIBRATIONS: Strong, deep and rumbly. It has 6 vibration settings.

NOISE LEVEL: Nothing scandalous.

Gbulb from Gvibe, light, clitoral stimulation, couples sex toys, rechargeable sex toys, vibrators, wand massagers, venusohara,

USABILITY: Very intuitive. It has one button, on the base of the bulb, for switching on / off or changing the vibration settings. It provides pleasant, deep vibrations that feel divine on the clitoris. In fact, I’ve used it so many times since I received it that it’s rapidly earning its spot as one of the stand-out toys from this year. It really is one of my absolute favourites.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: I’ve enjoyed many enlightening orgasms thanks to Gbulb. In fact, I think that I might still have to put it to regular use even after this review is completed, submitted and published. It really is that good. Thanks to its shape, motor and texture, it really couldn’t go wrong.

PROS: Powerful yet discreet. Outstanding value for money. Soft texture. Fun, ergonomic shape. Deep, rumbly, vibrations.

CONS: There’s no storage pouch included if you do wish to travel with your Gbulb but, seriously, that shouldn’t really stop you!


  • Clitoral stimulation.
  • Massage.
  • A fun gift.
  • Anyone who wants a wand massager but who can’t afford one.


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