Venus O'Hara Feline Fetish

My Fur Fetish – Venus O’Hara

Fur is, perhaps, the most ancient form of clothing. Some people associate it with warmth and luxury while others, on principle, reject it on terms of morality or social conscience. The term “a fur” often relates to a long coat, wrap or other short length of clothing made from the fur of animals.

Campaigns against the use of fur reached their maximum effectiveness in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Their success was aided significantly by the participation, in high-profile events, by numerous celebrities from the film and the fashion world. Since then, fur clothing has remained the focus for boycotts on the strength of its production being cruel and environmentally harmful.

Venus O'Hara Feline Fetish

For a while, the fashion industry promoted faux-fur as a serious alternative to animal fur. As any fur fetishist knows, faux-fur is not as luxurious, sensual or strokable as the real thing. As a fur fetishist myself, I have to say that I’m glad about the revival of real fur. The simple fact is that nothing else keeps you as warm on a cold winter’s day as a quality fur coat.

Venus O'Hara Feline Fetish

The potency of the fur fetish can be partially explained by the sense of its forbidden qualities. The main reason, however, is that it gives a woman presence, power and authority: she will never be ignored or walk by unnoticed if she is draped by soft, tactile and luxurious furs.

Venus O'Hara Feline Fetish

Owning a pet and stroking its fur can,it has been established scientifically, reduce stress and combat the symptoms of high blood pressure. Fur fetishists take this sensual connection a stage further and derive erotic satisfaction and sexual stimulation from their contact with it. I understand this feeling perfectly.

Venus O'Hara Feline Fetish

There’s something animalistically arousing about being totally naked when wearing furs, as you can see in this set. You’ll find much more fur in my Member’s Area.
All featured photography by Sebas Romero.

3 thoughts on “My Fur Fetish – Venus O’Hara”

  1. I have been a fur fetishist since I felt my grandmother’s stole in secret. This Venus is so pretty that I want to touch her body as much as I do her collar.

  2. the mink was so stimulating i kept playing with it till mom gave it away to our maid when i was 12,i secretly cryed in bed for days.went without fur for 4 yrs.

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