Fur Fetish on The Beach

Even for a fur fetishist like me, it seems unthinkable that I wore furs on the beach in January, especially when I feel the heat now, against my naked skin, in July. It’s easy to imagine furs in winter but, in Barcelona, it’s sunny even on cold days and instead of taking an umbrella in your handbag you’re more likely to take a pair of sunglasses instead.

People always stare at me on the beach because my skin is so white and my red hair reflects the bright sunlight. Instead of an all-over tan I just get more freckles. I felt their eyes on me when I opened the fur coat. That feeling got worse when I removed my skirt to reveal tight fitting, hold-up stockings and my discount heels. It was impossible to walk elegantly on the sand with them on.

When I got used to the temperature, it was time to take off the fur coat and reveal my mismatched underwear-black cotton boy-shorts and a retro, polka-dot bra. It’s always more provocative to wear lingerie on the beach instead of a bikini. Although I was wearing more clothes, I felt more exposed than if I was walking around naked.

People expect to see naturists standing in the distance but are shocked to see someone wearing stockings it seems.

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Photography by YUKY

21 thoughts on “Fur Fetish on The Beach”

  1. satin_skin_girl

    Your skin looks even whiter than ever in these ‘mazing pics. With your beautiful red hair that looks like it grows out of the sand and your cool curves…you make me sweat as well.

  2. tasteinbois74

    Venus, you have such hot style with your mismatching underwear on the beach and more nerve than me by wearing furs and heels. I’d stroke the sand from your silky tummy any day. Just to touch that white skin that I love on you.

  3. This pictures is total fetish for me…the messed up sand, blue, blue sea and clear sky is made much better by all those angles. Best of all is you and your blazing skin, long legs and perfect ass with all that pretty hair. Was there much sand left in your pretty panties?

  4. I’m lovin this sexy sandy center-fold with this young horny girl in such clever beachwear. Best body ever I think.

  5. tawse4thought

    This is a total tease the way you present your derriere for attention. Such a naughty one, rolling in the sand and getting your clothes all covered in sand. A strict spank on your tight-pantied posterior will set you straight.

  6. The colours in this set are almost hypnotic – vivid, evocative and impossibly urgent. Its the absence of colour in Her astoundingly nubile body that balances out the delirium though…I can’t get enough of her delicious Venus stuff.

  7. In a time when the stripper look is still in vogue – thin waist, bad tan, bolt-on boobs, ugly ink and fried-white hair – you are the exception that makes me smile more than anything with your natural curves, glossy white skin, sweet little tits, freckles and incredible red hair. You’re so lovely that looking at you should be illegal. So glad it isn’t against the law.

  8. I agree with another poster…Venus, you will never look like a Barbie or, heaven forbid, a Bratz. Young women should look at you, then they’d have a real ideal to aim for…natural, empowered and original…you’ll never be generic.

  9. MiladyBlablabla

    With all that asstastic in furs and heels, I volunteer to pick off every grain of sand myself while I protect you from the sun and jealous naturists too. Please let me join the queue?

  10. This is as funny, clever and provocative as I could ever wish for. The most stunning girl I’ve ever seen, sunbathing in hold-up stockings and high -heels? Too much Venus will never be enough.

  11. More crazy sexy glamour from my interweb goddess, I think. In furs and with ass and hot nipples through polka-spotted bra, my meow-area thanks you again and again.

  12. prestatyn_dynamo

    Wow, now I know what a beached mermaid must look like after a long night of partying with the rest of those pretty fishes. Your eyes are the best!

  13. pardonmyhardon

    You look so debauched and sexed-up in the sand. I quite fancy seeing if those tight boy-shorts have left sweet little compression lines on that masterpiece bum of yours. My all-time favourite flame-haired fetish queen is on the case again.

  14. Softsausage43

    You seem carved out of ivory with a light emulsion of silky fetish potential and each and every kinky detail – fur, hosiery, heels and pre-Raphaelite locks – just adds layer after layer of perfected pleasure. This weeks injection of horniness risks blowing my craving veins apart.

  15. Throatsprockets

    Looking at you is like being left in a fetish sweet shop and being asked to choose what my favourite confectionery is. Are you soft caramel in your furs, a coconut mushroom with your perfect skin or candy tobacco with your fiery hair? It’s a good thing I can enjoy your kinky treats all at the same time, so I don’t have to make up my mind which I prefer. I want it all.

  16. salad-dodgem1975

    No choulders, frists or cankles, I reckon…just another look at a masterpiece of ass on a lucky beach. Very lucky.

  17. MMMMMMM……… There’s nothing SEXIER than a beautiful woman like you wrapped up in soft FUR!!!!

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