Venus O'Hara food and sex

Food and Sex

They say that people eat food in the same way that they have sex. In my case, it’s absolutely true.

I’m a fussy eater and I always have been. When I’m asked whether I like spicy food, for instance, I always reply that I’m spicy enough already. I never put extra seasoning in cooking that doesn’t need it but I do use a little salt when I make an exotic vinaigrette.

I’m quite apprehensive about trying new flavours. When I’m invited to dinner, it can become a little complicated because I’m a vegetarian in a country that doesn’t quite understand it. People say i’m missing out but I disagree. Being veggie means I have to use a lot more imagination. I take pride in my cooking and I like to surprise my dinner guests with something exotic they might not have tried.

Venus O'Hara Food and Sex

Venus O'Hara Food and Sex

When I eat at home I can always trust the cleanliness, hygiene and standards of the cook. When I go out however I am usually handed a plate with better presentation than mine. No matter how good it looks, though, I can never be sure how many people have already handled it.

When I do try something new I tend to be a slow eater but when I’m eating something I love, I get swept away in the pleasure and I almost lose control of my appetite; I have to pause in case I have too much, too quickly.

Venus O'Hara Food and Sex

When I’m dining out and I don’t like the look of the main course, I’d rather settle for two starters instead. If I’m still not convinced about the quality of the cuisine, some will get left on my plate; I don’t think it compromises my integrity If I don’t finish the meal. If my expectations still aren’t met, I’ll give up on it and hope that the next meal is better.

Venus O'Hara Food and Sex

I don’t believe in low calorie alternatives to the real thing. If you want to eat something unhealthy it’s best to do it in the most natural way possible without guilt or second-guessing. I don’t diet and never deny myself small but important pleasures like fine chocolate.

After all, food, like sex is one of the greatest pleasures there is.

Photos by Guy Moberly

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