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Flowliper from Tracy’s Dog Clitoral Stimulator Review

Tracy’s Dog products always deliver high-quality pleasure. One of their products is one of the highest-rated sex toys on Amazon and one user even claimed that she almost levitated. Although I haven’t levitated from Tracy’s Dog products, I did have my first and second squirting experiences with them. 

Given the high quality of pleasure that Tracy’s Dog products provide, I was intrigued to discover Flowliper. When I saw it online, it looked like a standard air stimulator, but when I unboxed it and had the product in my hands, I was able to appreciate its many virtues. 


For example, it has a Dynamic Pulse Mode – an innovative feature that autonomously varies suction patterns, making it the ideal foreplay companion. With three interchangeable, silky soft heads, you can choose your favourite from the round, oval shape, or the distinctive “tapping” head, ensuring a uniquely customised experience.

Featuring 10 Suction Modes, this device caters to novices and experienced users, offering a spectrum of gentle to intense vibrations. Crafted from safe and gentle silicone material, it guarantees comfort during use, allowing for full immersion in the intimate experience.

Another unique feature is the battery indicator, ensuring you have the control to prevent disappointment if the battery fades when you least want it to. 


PACKAGING: It is presented in a hard box containing a magnetic USB charging cable. There are also 2 extra stimulation caps, meaning that there are 3 in total: a round one, an oval one and a tapping cap. You will also find an instruction manual and some cool stickers. 

Tracy’s Dog

MATERIAL: It is made of body-safe silicone and ABS. It is compatible with water-based lubricants. It is waterproof grade IPX6 meaning it’s easy to wash but it’s probably not a good idea to use it in the bath. Tracy’s Dog

STRENGTH OF MOTOR: The strength depends on the stimulation cap used. The tapping one is the most gentle. Then the round one is moderate and the oval one is the most intense, according to my experience. 

NOISE LEVEL: Nothing scandalous. Check out the video review below for a complete sound check. 

USABILITY: Charging takes around 2.5 hours and a full charge will provide up to 5 hours of pleasure, which is incredible. That means you can enjoy many orgasms before you have to charge it again. The battery indicator is useful so you know if there is enough power for an orgasm.  

There are 4 buttons which I found confusing. The power button is pretty straightforward, but I had to play around with the other 3 to find the desired setting. The Dynamic Pulse setting is great if you want to be surprised by the settings. It randomly changes from pulsations, waves and continuous modes, which can be nice as you are warming up. When aiming for orgasm, however, consistency is key and I much preferred a continuous stimulation setting until I reached climax. 


I tried the tapping cap first, I thought it was gentle, even on the strongest setting. To reach orgasm with it, I had to position it right on my clitoral glans. The other clitoral sucking caps provide more intense stimulation. 


Another attribute that I appreciated was how ergonomic it was to hold. Its gentle curve fits perfectly in my hand and it was easy to reach the buttons during use. 


ORGASM-O-BILITY: Epic. I’ve had incredible orgasms with all 3 caps, using a continuous stimulation mode. 

PROS: Variety. Orgasmic. Smooth texture. Long-lasting battery. Ergonomic to hold. Excellent value for money. 


CONS: There are a lot of buttons, it’s not so intuitive. I guess I’m used to not having to read instruction manuals.




  • Targeted clitoral stimulation. 
  • Using on the nipples during foreplay. 
  • Experienced sex toy users who are looking to discover new sensations. 
  • Newbies looking to discover their pleasure response in a variety of ways. 


For more information about Flowliper visit Tracy’s Dog. 


Check out my video review below where you will find a complete soundcheck. 

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