Fetishists in the Closet


A fetish is something that you usually keep as a secret. Only you and your Google search history know the nature and real extent of it. 


It astounds me that most fetishists are probably enduring vanilla sex simply because they are too ashamed to tell their partners all about their secret kinks. If it is not just tits and ass that you are into, then you might not enjoy having a porn buddy. Your stash might just prove to be a little too weird for them. 


Although I have no impressive stats to offer you, I strongly suspect that most fetishists are in the closet. Some of them just indulge their kinks online. Those who have functioning sexual relationships often prefer to keep things strictly conventional between the sheets. This would be in stark contrast to the unconventional stimuli that would spontaneously occur in their mind. Perhaps, they even prefer to keep it that way. Everyone fears rejection and no one likes to be dismissed as a freak. This is such a shame. My own experience has proven to me that there is nothing quite like having a lover who is also your sexual accomplice. 


They say that flattery can get you everywhere and I truly believe that this technique is key when it comes to unveiling your kinky preferences. In the case of foot fetish, for example, it is a good idea to pay compliments to your partner. Tell her that she has lovely feet and do it often. Make yourself useful and offer her a pedicure. She will know that it is never easy to perform a proper pedicure on oneself. Do the necessary research, watch a few beauty vlogs and become more adept at providing a session of podal pampering than her local salon. In this way, you can be sure that she will be only too happy to let you play with her tootsies. 


Offer her a foot massage while she enjoys her favourite TV program. Let her discover just how much her podal charms get you going. Before you know it, you will be enjoying footjobs. 


In the case of lingerie, hosiery or other garments that may be the object of your fetish desires, flattery is also the best place to start. Be creative with your compliments. Make her feel like the hot Goddess that she truly is. Let her know how much she turns you on. Do not forget, a girl can never have too much lingerie. But, make sure it is her size and that she likes the design. It should go without saying that if she is not comfortable with it, then she just won’t project the arousing image that you crave. It’s always a good idea to take your time with the undressing stage of foreplay and pay special attention to all the details. 


Whatever it is that ignites your fetish mind, the objective is to make your partner feel desirable and comfortable. Enjoy indulging in your favoured fetish for as long as you can before the conventional sex begins. If you wish, you can gradually reveal your real preferences. You should never try to unload it all during one ‘serious’ talk. Where possible, incorporate aspects of your singular desires into your vanilla lovemaking sessions. 


Once you start feeling comfortable enough to share your favourite tastes and fantasies, do not forget to discover what turns her on too. It’s also advisable to mix things up and experiment with new things that are completely unrelated to your fetish. Who knows? You might even discover something else that gets you both going. 


The downside of exposing your favourite quirks can be experienced if your partner merely ends up going along with your requirements without being particularly committed to them in any real way. The worst-case scenario can unfold if it becomes predictable and repetitive. In that way, ironically, fetish in practice can seem even blander than vanilla sex.

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