Fetishism without Photoshop

Fetishism without Photoshop

Fetishism without Photoshop

It can take a lot of hard work to create a photo. A professional photo-shoot requires the skills of the model, the photographer, stylists, hairdressers and make-up artists. Then, afterwards, it’s taken for granted that the expertise of the retouchers will be needed to add more layers.

I direct myself during my own sessions and I’d prefer to avoid adding those extra layers if I can help it. My intention is to reflect reality instead. This isn’t just about making a stand artistically; sometimes it’s down to me being lazy. I can’t honestly be bothered to go into retouching my images. My most trusted photographers understand this and they don’t mind going along with it. No one wastes any time and the spectator gets to see the truth. An erotic picture becomes so much more than an expression of narcissism. It becomes a statement.

Foot Fetish on the Sofa Venus O'Hara by Mr Tickle BCN-0037

I’m very passionate about fetishism and the way it can be used to enhance erotic imagery. I believe that the modern ideal of commercial beauty is flawed. We don’t have to conform to it if we want to produce highly successful erotic imagery of our own.

The most meaningful erotica can be found in the details of the body that are normally edited out in post-production.The essence of attraction shouldn’t be based on fakery but on natural charms such as: goosebumps, freckles and the compression lines left by the tight elastic of recently-removed lingerie.

The Voyeur Part 2 - Stockings and Suspenders-0006

My blog includes a review of 50 fetishes. It features related texts with specially produced images of myself that haven’t been retouched. Fetishism should be a celebration of arousing reality. Authentic untouched images are more erotic for the viewer and are more empowering for the model involved.

More Fetishism without Photoshop photosets are currently available in my MEMBERS AREA.

Photos by Mr Tickle BCN

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