Fellatio Workshops by Venus O’Hara

Fellatio Workshops

‘Is it true that you used to give fellatio workshops?’ He asks me between kisses as we are lying on the sofa, locked in an embrace.

I suddenly feel a subtle pang of guilt. I’m pretty sure he’s asking me this because until now, our oral sex ratio has been heavily skewed in my favour. He’s so good and generous when going down on me and I have hardly reciprocated. That has to change. 

In fact, I’m going to change that right now.

I start making my way down his body until I greet his cock with a peck on the tip as I hold it. I notice him getting hard immediately in my right hand. After a few kisses to say ‘hello,’ I lick the length like an ice cream, gripping the base even tighter. 

As I explore his hardness in my mouth, I reminisce about my fellatio workshops for women over ten years ago. They were incredibly popular and I must confess that at first, I only offered them to make noise on social media and gain new followers. It worked. But then when the workshops actually took place, I quickly realised that it was an altruistic endeavour. This is because I was helping women to enjoy this practice more by sharing all my knowledge, in theory, and in practice, on organic bananas. 

It occurs to me to share these details with him, but I figure that it would be best to demonstrate my expertise instead. Actions speak louder than words, so they say. I imagine he would appreciate this much more. Besides, it would be weird to be talking about blow jobs when I’ve hardly gone down on him… 

I might tell him later, but for now, I will continue showcasing my oral talents. 

First, I try the ‘harmonica’. A side-to-side manoeuvre along the length is great to get things warmed up. Then I gently flick my tongue tip against his frenulum, otherwise known as the male clitoris. Well, at least that’s what I like to call it. 

I also experiment with and without hands, even with two hands as well as with different depths. Next, I kiss and lick his perineum, his balls and the tops of his thighs. I get high on his pheromones when I do this. It’s a deliciously intoxicating experience. 

Once my oral generosity is unleashed there is no stopping me. My desire and determination to devour him are at an all-time high.  I won’t stop until he comes in my mouth. I want it so much. I’m actually salivating as I imagine it. 

After a while of oral attention, I need a rest but don’t want to ruin the momentum. I realise that it’s going to require a great deal of perseverance, stamina, and willpower to get what I want. So I let my right hand take over so that I can give my neck a rest. 

Soon enough, I feel him get harder and thicker in my hand. It feels as though his veins are popping. 

Not much longer now. 

He’s so close… 

As soon as I perceive his imminent ejaculation, I resume my position with his tip in my mouth. I feel a profound sense of satisfaction as I feel him coming in my mouth and I hear him moan in ecstasy. Yes! I did it! I think to myself. 

When he has finished, I swallow everything in one go and I give him another peck on the tip, finishing in the same way I started this whole oral sexploration. 

‘In answer to your question, yes, I did use to give fellatio workshops,’ I say, finally. ‘Can you tell?’

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