Farewell to the Thong (Thong Fetish)

Many people are relieved that the thong is becoming a thing of the past.They flattered great derrieres but didn’t do much to improve the view of everyone else’s.

Now, thongs are seen as being tacky and the sales of them have gone way down compared to boy-shorts and the hugely popular Brazilian cut. Another reason for the change in taste is the advance in the technology of panty fabrics. Thongs used to be the only underwear that guaranteed no visible panty line – now they all can.

In a time of increased stress due to the eurozone crisis, women don’t need a reason for extra pressure. Worrying about how many people can see their thong when they bend over is something they can live without. Motorists in Barcelona – who tried to avoid noticing the whale-tails on the back of every motorbike around them – can also relax just a little bit more now.

Thongs were all I ever had in my underwear drawer. My lovers used to confess to me that – seen on my arse- they were the sexiest thing ever. Sometimes though, wearing them wasn’t quite such an attractive prospect. My worst experience with a thong happened one Summer when I got off at my stop on the metro. A woman came up to me and looked as though she wanted to apologise for something. She pointed to the back of my skirt and I checked it myself. The zip had broken open and my thong was visible. Who knows how long I had been exposed to anyone who wanted a free show without me even suspecting?

My thongs stay in my drawer most of the time these days but they don’t gather dust for long. Sometimes I like to use them in a photo-shoot when I can demonstrate just how good they always were.

There’s still hope for the future of the thong.

If you have the right arse.

Photography by stephan.carbonmade.com/

19 thoughts on “Farewell to the Thong (Thong Fetish)”

    1. Quite so. I, for one, would deem it a privilege to sip from my espresso cup with one hand while spreading apricot preserve on your warm bum-muffins with the other.

  1. I can’t stop thinking about you flashing your whale-tail on the back of a scooter…buzzing those taxi’s.

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