Farewell My Siren

Poem: Farewell My Siren


(For Venus)

The blood red roses have died in the vase,

Their long stems wilted,

And the thorns blunted

That so exquisitely tore your soft, white skin.

Vanished for now the delicious lacerations

And stilled the erotic trickle

Across the buttock’s swell,

The sweet dark crimson sap redolent of those blooms.

But gone, too, the auburn tresses that crowned

Your crystaline curves

And adorned your lissome limbs:

Your flesh awaits fresh wounds; my scars are sealed !

Christopher Drake

Photos by Daniel Bauer www.daniel-bauer.com

Farewell My SirenFarewell My Siren

Farewell My Siren

9 thoughts on “Poem: Farewell My Siren”

  1. Sirena varada en el mar quisiera hacer el amor contigo en la orilla,reina de las sirenas quisiera conocer tu reino del mar

  2. Que nuca que cuello tan blanco que hombros tan blancos Venus eres la yegua salvaje que intento domar quiero cabalgar sobre tu sobre tu grupa
    Te mueves entre las sabanas salvaje e inqueta demostrando que eres la mas

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