Exploring New Fetishes

Exploring New Fetishes with Mr Tickle BCN 

Exploring New Fetishes

Even though it was the same model, shot in the same setting by the same photographer, the end result was so different to anything we’d done before. Instead of focusing on foot fetish, tickling and bondage, as we had done in previous sessions, this time, we decided to explore some new fetishes, as well as rediscovering some old ones.

new fetishes - Secretary Striptease-0002

The approach to exploring new fetishes remains the same. Attention needs to be paid to the minutest details and you don’t have to see everything. As I lay on my back posing, I was conscious of the camera clicks, but totally oblivious to what the photographer was paying attention to.

When I saw the resulting photos, I was surprised by his meticulous observation and narrow focus. The work was all about creating an erotic visual narrative. Its significance relied less on my actions and more on the voyeuristic spectator’s imagination.

The Voyeur Part 5 - Stocking Striptease-0029

Together we created a six part  ‘voyeur’ set. Our intention was to capture the essence of many fetishes. They include:
Unaji (nape fetish), upskirt fetish, hosiery fetish, downblouse fetish, foot fetish, bra fetish and shoe dangling fetish and more.

All the photos are raw and unfiltered. They conform to my rule of fetishism without Photoshop. To see the full sequence, and find a great deal more fetish imagery, sign up to my MEMBERS AREA.

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