Even Hairier Armpits

Even Hairier Armpits

It’s been almost three months since the last time I shaved my armpits or my legs. Three months. It’s come as a real surprise to me to discover that having a little more leg hair, and a lot more armpit hair, can be an enjoyable experience in some ways.

I enjoy having hairy armpits from an aesthetic viewpoint. Trying to use my roll-on deodorant represents one of the downsides; it’s messy and the sensation isn’t pleasant. It’s so strange having my new hairs stuck together and matted into damp curls. So, I’ve started to go without deodorant now. I know what you’re thinking. Let me reassure you: the owners of the noses that’ve rubbed in my armpit fluff lately can vouch for its sweetness.
Even Hairier Pits Venus O'Hara by Mr Tickle BCN-0000
I put this happy absence of intimate odour down to my strict vegan diet and my ongoing dislike of wearing clothing made from artificial fibres. And, anyway, we all know that vegetarians and vegans have a discreet and alternative scent all of their own, don’t we?
My armpit hair is quite insubstantial, fortunately. Sometimes, when I turn into stronger light, my pits can still look smooth. That gingery fluff will never be dense enough to make a serious armpit bush. I still like to flaunt my pits and promote them with my posing.
When the opportunity arose to have them tickled, I couldn’t resist. It was a shock to find how quickly and easily I reached my tickle threshold at the hands of a skilled tickler. He loved it when I was forced to use our ‘safe word’.
Even Hairier Pits Venus O'Hara by Mr Tickle BCN-0003
After a successful photo-session that took in my fluffy legs, it was a relief to know that I could shave them smooth again. It took an electric trimmer and two disposable razors to do the job properly. It was a real thrill, afterwards, to run my hands up and down my long white legs again and feel no resistance.
I keep promising myself that I’ll shave my armpits smooth as well as my legs. I do this before every photo-session. After a shoot, every time, I seem to neglect that promise.
Even Hairier ampits Venus O'Hara by Mr Tickle BCN-0016
The truth is: now that my armpits are even hairier, I’m really starting to love them.

Photos by Mr Tickle BCN

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