Menswear – Algunas opiniones sobre la ropa masculina

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I’ve started to develop deep hatred towards ties, or rather tie-wearers. After working in an office full of them, I am annoyed by the status they try to transmit when in actual fact they are nothing behind that tie. I worked in luxury real estate for two years and I was the number one agent. Nobody could touch me, I was responsible for over 90% of the agency’s operations during the time I was there. One day my boss, who was in a tie of course, looked at my attire of the day, jeans and a smart shirt. He eyed me up and down and asked me if I thought I was dressed appropriately for selling luxury apartments. He really was shooting himself in the foot by asking such a question. It was easy, I just answered back “how many apartments have you sold in your tie?”. I felt great, but the tie thing still annoys me. The perception that people think that the man in a tie is always going to me more professional than a woman when often it’s the other way around.

In this luxury real estate world I got to deal with many millionaires, entrepreneurs and VIPs. And I have to say the real movers and shakers I’ve come across do not find it necessary to wear a tie to work.

However, I do absolutely love retro ties. They can look really cool as they do on a woman.

Here is a set of me in a tie worn backwards almost like a noose and with men’s shoes on my hands. This is a dedication to all those tie-wearers who have felt emasculated by my abilities and balls.


Venus O’Hara

Photography by Andrew O’Hara.menswear Venus O'Hara
menswear Venus O'Hara
menswear Venus O'Hara

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