Erogenous Exploration

Erogenous Exploration – An Erotic Story by Venus O’Hara

The true essence of pleasure lies in the act of giving to another. 


I ponder this as I embark on a thorough erogenous exploration of your body. I’ve been imagining it for quite some time, and the mere thought of it has been distracting me from my daily tasks. Even though I’m a writer of erotica, interestingly, you are both the muse and the distraction. I know that doesn’t make sense. But let’s say concentration is challenging when you’re in my thoughts. 


Enough about distractions. Finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for is here, and the very thing that has ignited my erotic imagination now takes centre stage. I’m about to explore every inch of your body, while carefully noting your reactions as I engage in a body-mapping ritual to uncover your sweet spots. I’ll mentally note them, ready for a more profound exploration at a later date.


You are naked, lying face up on the bed. I have blindfolded you and the fact that your eyes are covered means that you cannot see where I am and you are unaware of what is about to happen. The blindfold serves as an ideal tool for establishing a total power exchange, where I take the lead, and you surrender control. In this dynamic, I become the initiator, and you become the recipient. Kneeling beside you on the bed, I relish this transient feeling of power, as I plot my next move.


I begin by simply observing you. Your body is a sensory wonderland, and the mere sight of you stimulates my senses. The anticipation intensifies as my gaze explores every inch of your naked form. The rhythmic cadence of your deep breaths and the unmistakable signs of your arousal stir a delightful reaction within me. Your pheromones cast a captivating spell, and I eagerly anticipate the feast whenever I explore you with my enthusiastic tongue. 


While I usually savour the sensation of touching you with my hands, today’s exploration features a twist—I’m using a tip vibrator, the Twirling Delight from Satisfyer. Imagining your response to an unseen object adds an extra thrill to the power I currently possess.


I begin by playfully tracing the tip of the vibrator around your earlobes and along your neck. Unable to resist, I lean in for a kiss while holding the vibrator in my hand. After resuming an upright position, I deliberate on the next destination for my sensual journey across your exposed form. I explore a variety of touches. I create delicate circles and strokes with the tip on its side, keenly observing every nuanced reaction—be it a subtle flinch, an occasional moan, or verbal feedback. When I discern your unmistakable pleasure, I persist in that area, experimenting with different pressures and movements, revelling in the delightful discovery of a newfound pleasure point on your body. 


I strive to approach my exploration of you with logic and symmetry, ensuring no part of you is overlooked. It’s amazing to witness your reactions to touch in areas typically not deemed erogenous, such as inside your elbows, behind your knees, between your fingers, and more. When I reach your lingam, the temptation for an in-depth exploration arises, as you also rise, but then I recall that this isn’t the objective of this exercise. Instead, I aim to uncover those parts of you that are often forgotten whenever my attention is solely on your lingam.


Once I’ve fully discovered the front of your body, I gently turn you over, guiding you to lie on your belly. This allows me to resume my exploration of you along your back, buttocks and the back of your legs until my sensual journey of your naked skin reaches its culmination.


When my erogenous exploration of you is complete, I can affirm that the true essence of pleasure lies in the act of giving to another. 


Despite this, I eagerly anticipate relinquishing control and allowing you to take the lead, so I can lie back and become the sole focus of all your attention as you indulge in an erogenous exploration of me.

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