English for Perverts – New Book!

It has been said, quite often, that the most rewarding way to learn another language is to do it when you are in bed with a foreigner. You may find that they are only too pleased to lead you through the lessons and correct you ,with humour, when you make a little mistake. What would you do though if you were in bed with someone and you did not know what to say or how to even begin? Sex is a universal language, but to have great sex relies upon good communication and conversational skills to explain to them exactly your perversions are.

Ingles Para Pervertidos “English For Perverts” (Bookad 2012) encourages you to learn and practise all of those words that your teacher would always disapprove of and punish you for repeating in class. They would never show you the words or even acknowledge them. My new book has eight chapters: “The Human Body”, “In Bed”, “LGBT”, “Sexy Shopping”, “The Dark Side”, “Porn”, “Chat” and “Sexual Health”. Each one is beautifully designed and contains all the sexy vocabulary you’ll need for almost any occasion. The grammar exercises are unique and unlike any teaching materials you have ever seen before.

Ingles Para Pervertidos is intended for use by intermediate level English students but do not be discouraged by this because anyone, at any stage, can benefit greatly from its arousing approach to education. At any point in the text, if you need a break from the hard work of learning, you will find the pages lavishly illustrated by themed photographs of myself taken by Guy Moberly. They are always relevant to the associated chapter and are very distracting.

All the images are raw and have been produced especially for this essential volume.

No library of English teaching text books will be complete without “Ingles Para Pervertidos”


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Inglés para pervertidos – Venus O’Hara (Bookad 2012) BUY HERE:

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  1. Now, what would one choose as a suitable bookmark for this arousing tome? I’ll be referring to my favourite passages often.

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