English for Perverts Cover Shoot (Blindfold)

The publishers of English For Perverts were waiting for me. I was under pressure to deliver a really powerful image of myself wearing a blindfold. It was necessary to try a second photo-session to find the killer shot because the results of the first were just good when they had to be great. I must admit that I was a little nervous when we began again.

I understood the objective. We needed a perfect portrait of my face, hidden beneath the beautiful blindfold supplied by Le Boudoir. The Union Flag design would be photo-shopped onto it, in colour, to complete the printed design. Against the rich black and white of my face the famous pattern would express the intention of my book. Learning English and, in my case, being English should be clear to anyone seeing the cover.

We began by shooting in colour. My pouting mouth was emphasised by the precise application of bright red lipstick. A fan blew cold air into my face to lift my long red hair up and make it seem to float in the pictures. It was such a strange sensation to be unable to see under the blindfold while I could feel my hair being pushed around. Every strand felt alive with movement while the sound of the fan was louder than I could believe.

Ingles para pervertidos portada

We tried a variety of different blindfolds and those alternative shots are interesting in their own right. It was so cold in the photographer’s house but none of the blindfolds were very warm. There was a typical February coldness in the air but the constant breeze from the fan made it seem even worse. None of that mattered when I saw the results of the session.

I felt really proud of our achievement when I went to the printer and watched the books coming off the huge press. We had chosen the right picture after all. My lips were still lethal in black and white and my floating hair made me look as if I was underwater. The colourful flag, printed onto the blindfold, looked even better than I hoped.

I adore blindfolds.

When you see the cover of Ingles para Pervertidos you will understand why.

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Photos by Guy Moberly.



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