The Empress’ New Latex Catsuit – A Fetish Fairy Tale by Venus O’Hara

“How kind of you!” the Empress exclaimed. She was truly touched by their generosity because no other designer had even bothered to think of making a latex outfit for him in the past. Trumpy began to bark hysterically, he didn’t seem to like the idea too much. Despite this, the dodgy designers smoothed lubricant on his fur before attempting to put the imaginary latex outfit onto him and spraying his back with shiner. He wriggled and wriggled in an attempt to resist them, but in the end, they won and the poodle was apparently wearing a matching magical latex outfit.

There was time for just a few last poses, but this time Trumpy was also in the reflection with his sticky coat. He didn’t seem to be as happy with his outfit.

“So I guess this is it!” the Empress said and took one last look at her glossy derrière. “Such a remarkable fit, isn’t it?. She couldn’t stop twirling in front of the mirror to inspect herself from all angles.
The two slaves stood by waiting to take the Empress to the red carpet in a golden carriage. They bowed before her and told her that she had never looked better. However they didn’t dare admit to her, or each other, that she was completely naked.

The journey to the venue took longer than expected due to heavy traffic and the paparazzi trying to get the first snap of the Empress in her magical catsuit. She could hear the crowds cheering and she was looking forward to wowing them.

The golden carriage pulled up at the beginning of the red carpet and wild crowd was suddenly silenced, it was the moment that everyone had been waiting for.

After a few minutes, the carriage door opened and out stepped the Empress with Trumpy in her arms. The crowd gasped, not quite believing its eyes.

Everyone cheered “How fine is the Empress’ new latex catsuit! Doesn’t it fit her to perfection? Such a wonderful texture!” Nobody admitted that they couldn’t see a thing and that in fact the Empress was stark naked. No one dared tell the truth in fear that they would be labelled a vanilla and therefore be banished from the kingdom forever. They all praised her magical latex catsuit while she posed for the press and waved to crowd. Judging from the reaction, it seemed as though this truly was the Empress’ finest costume ever.

“But she’s naked,” a tourist suddenly said.

The crowd went silent.

“How dare you disrespect our Empress!” her slaves responded.

“She’s definitely naked, I can see her nipples are sticking out like pencil rubbers!” the tourist continued.

“She’s naked!” the whole city cried at last.

The Empress shivered, and she finally realised that they were probably right. “Magical latex my arse!” She thought to herself. The ball had to continue and so she walked with her head held high, posing prouder than ever.

As she approached the entrance, she took one last look back at the crowd, smiled and waved. She had never seen so many people come to see her outfit on the red carpet. She knew very well of the paparazzi’s obsession with upskirts, cameltoes, sideboobs, underboobs and nipple slips on the red carpet, and she had certainly delivered them all in one outfit. She declared it a personal triumph and wondered how she could ever improve upon it the following year. At least she had twelve months to think about it. In the meantime there was gin and tonic. 



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