The Empress’ New Latex Catsuit – A Fetish Fairy Tale by Venus O’Hara

The next day, the whole kingdom was talking about the Empress’ new latex catsuit. News of it had gone viral and it was even trending on Twitter. Everyone had found out about the attributes of this magical latex and all were anxious to find out how just many authentic hardcore fetishists lived in their kingdom. Journalists, photographers and the general public took their places outside the venue of the Annual Fetish Ball hours before it was scheduled to begin. Some had camped there the night before in their rubber tents.

Every year the ball attracted a lot of media attention, but this year was different. The Empress felt the extra pressure. Some people wondered what she would actually do to
those who were unworthy of her attention, would they be punished? Or worse still, banished from the kingdom forever? The Empress still hadn’t given it any thought whatsoever. All she cared about was leaving a lasting impression on the red carpet and getting her picture on the front page of all the newspapers.
After much anticipation, it was time for The Empress to see the catsuit for herself. Accompanied by Summers, Winters and Trumpy the poodle, she went to dodgy designers’ workshop. When she arrived she found them to be working hard, but there was no latex catsuit in sight.

“What’s going on?” the Empress thought to herself. “I can’t see a thing, I can’t believe it!”

One of the designers was pretending to hold it up with a proud smile on his cheeky face. The Empress was confused. How could this happen to her of all people? She even doubted if she was good enough to be Empress. Of course, she couldn’t let them know that she couldn’t see a thing. Nobody could know.

“Tell me Empress, what do you think of your magical latex catsuit?” one of the dodgy designers asked.

“Oh! It’s fantastic, so sheer! And so very pretty, it definitely has my approval and I cannot wait to wear it!” the Empress beamed. She really was a convincing actress.

They all stared and stared but of course no one could see a thing, quite simply because there was nothing to seen. Despite this, they all agreed that it was the sexiest catsuit in the history of catsuits. They discussed the imminent red carpet photocall before the Fetish Ball and they all declared that it would be an unforgettable event for the kingdom, one that would no doubt unite the authentic fetishists. The Empress gave each of the dodgy designers a special golden collar as a gesture of gratitude for all their hard work.

The dodgy designers insisted on showing the Empress just how much effort they had put into realising such a unique design at such short notice. They showed her all the cups of coffee they had been drinking to stay up all night to get it finished on time. She smiled. She loved it when men went to special lengths to impress her.

They pretended to hold the garment up and spray it with shiner before delicately polishing it with a cloth. After about half an hour, they finally said, “The Empress’ new latex catsuit is now ready for her. See, it’s so sheer, it’s so light. It’s like a true second skin, exactly what latex is all about. Would you care to take your clothes off? We will gladly help you to get dressed in front of the big mirror.”

Of course, dressing duty was a duty that was exclusively reserved for Summers and Winters, but the Empress decided to make an exception this time. However she thought it was only fair that her own slaves should prepare her for the fitting.

The Empress clicked her fingers and Summers and Winters knew that this was the time to disrobe her. They unzipped the latex dress that The Empress had been wearing and there she stood naked in the middle of the workshop. She obviously wasn’t shy about her body, much to the joy of the dodgy designers who stood back and had a good old gander. They just couldn’t help themselves.

“I’m sure this magical catsuit will do your body justice like no other latex outfit. I guarantee it. However, it may feel a little tight at first, I suggest you get well lubricated first.” said one of them.

“Of course,” replied the Empress “Slaves! Lube me up!”
Summers and Winters knelt at her feet, one at each side, and started to apply lubricant to her so that the magical latex catsuit could go on easily. Once she was slick and shiny, the dodgy designers attempted to dress her. First the legs, then the arms and at one point they appeared to be fastening something at the back of the catsuit as they traced her spine with their fingers. After a few minutes, they both stood back to evaluate their creation.

“Simply wonderful!” they both said in unison. But of course, there was one last thing missing: the spray.

The shining process was always one of the most thrilling parts of wearing latex for the Empress and she wondered what it would feel like with this new incredibly sheer latex. She stood there with her eyes closed and waited for the first squirt. When it came it felt cold against her skin, as if it was actually against her naked skin. She shivered. After being sprayed all over her body with the special shining product, she opened her eyes and inspected herself in the big mirror. It was indeed the only catsuit that had ever been able to display her goosebumps in great detail and everyone could see that the Empress was cold. While the dodgy designers rubbed the liquid in with their hands, she noticed that they were much gentler than Summer and Winters, and she hoped that they were taking note.

“You look amazing Empress, that catsuit is so flattering!” Everyone agreed, “that cut, it’s so perfect!”

The Empress was happy when she observed this positive reaction. However this time, Trumpy didn’t give his usual “Woof!” of approval. Instead he growled. The Empress thought nothing of it at first, all she cared about was showing off at the ball. She posed and posed in front of the mirror and smiled with satisfaction.

“We have one last surprise for you Empress,” said one of the dodgy designers. “We know how much you adore Trumpy, your poodle and seeing as we had some magical latex left over, we decided to make a matching magical latex coat for him.


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