The Empress’ New Latex Catsuit – A Fetish Fairy Tale by Venus O’Hara

The designers set up a temporary workshop in a nearby hotel suite and pretended to work. They demanded a pair of golden scissors and some top quality glue and supposedly worked on the magical latex catsuit the whole night long.

Later on that day, while she was chilling out on her chaise-longue in her boudoir, the Empress began to wonder how her new catsuit was coming along. However, she could not help but feel uncomfortable when she remembered that the vanillas or those who were not worthy of her attention would not be able to see the material. She even started to doubt her own fetish identity. To put her mind at rest she decided to send Summers to check up on the progress.

“And remember Summers, if you can’t see it, that means that you aren’t worthy of my attention and therefore you will be fired and banished from my kingdom. Understood?”

Summers couldn’t be sure whether the Empress was joking or not. He gave a nod and disappeared out the door into the cold night. When he arrived at the dodgy designer’s makeshift workshop he saw them cutting and gluing the invisible latex.

His mouth dropped open and he couldn’t see a thing. But of course, he didn’t say a word.

Both the dodgy designers encouraged him to come closer and inspect the beautiful colour and pattern of the latex catsuit. They pointed to the glue and the scissors and the area where the magical garment was supposed to be. However much Summers squinted and stared, he couldn’t see a thing, because there was nothing to see. “God help me,” he thought to himself. “How can it be that I’m a vanilla. No one must find out about this. I don’t want the Empress to think that I’m not worthy of worshipping her. I absolutely cannot be dismissed!”

“Please don’t hesitate to tell us what you think of the catsuit,” said one of the dodgy designers.

“Oh it’s amazing! And so incredibly original!” Summers said as he pretended to look at the catsuit. “I’m sure it will fit the Empress perfectly and highlight all of her curves like no other latex garment. Rest assured that I will tell the Empress how unique it is.”

“We are so pleased to hear that,” the dodgy designers said. Then they started to explain exactly how they had made the catsuit, how tricky it had been to glue the sleeves on, and where they had found the inspiration for the design. Summers paid very close attention so that he could describe it in perfect detail to the Empress later on.
The dodgy designers demanded even more cash, claiming that they needed some special shining products in order to enhance the texture of the magical material. However, they pocketed the whole lot and not a penny went into the catsuit although they still pretended to work hard throughout the night.

Back at the palace, the Empress listened attentively to Summers’ report on the latex catsuit. She was satisfied with it and ever so relieved that he was able to see it. At least she didn’t have to fire him. However, later on that night in bed, the Empress was unable to sleep because she simply couldn’t stop thinking about the catsuit and its special powers. She needed to put her mind at rest once again. This time she decided to send Winters to check up on it. She was also impatient to know if he was worthy of serving her.

“And remember Winters, if you can’t see it, that means that you aren’t worthy of my attention and therefore you will be fired and banished from my kingdom. Understood?”

Winters gave a fearful nod and went out the door, disappearing into the cold dark night. When he arrived at the dodgy designer’s workshop, exactly the same thing happened as with the first slave. He looked and looked but he couldn’t see a thing.

“Isn’t it the sexiest latex catsuit you have ever seen?” one of the dodgy designers asked him, as he pretended to hold the garment up. “The cameltoe is going to be legendary.”

Winters was confused. He was filled with self-doubt and questioned whether he was good enough to serve the Empress. He couldn’t let anyone know that he couldn’t see a thing. Despite this he then proceeded to praise the catsuit that he couldn’t see. “It’s absolutely splendid. I must say, I’ve never seen anything quite like it, and I’ve seen a lot of latex in my time, let me tell you.”

When he got back to the Palace, Winters was very careful not to be too specific with the details in case it didn’t match Summers’ description, which would probably result in his dismissal. He absolutely couldn’t allow that to happen because he lived and breathed for the Empress. He couldn’t imagine life without her. Fortunately, she was convinced that he really had seen it and she was finally able to have a peaceful night’s sleep.


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