The Empress’ New Latex Catsuit – A Fetish Fairy Tale by Venus O’Hara

In the great kingdom where she ruled, life was always wonderful. It was internationally renowned as a haven for fetishists because it was the city with the highest ratio of BDSM clubs per inhabitant in the entire world. This obsession with kink was reflected in its architecture, monuments and street vending machines. Every day countless tourists came to visit, and a large percentage of them were foreign fashion designers who would give anything to dress the Empress in their latest creations. They usually contacted her by email prior to travelling there. If she liked their website, she would set up a meeting at her palace to discuss designs and colours as well as getting measured.

One day she received an email from two dodgy designers, claiming to have access to a new variety of latex that was predicted to be all the rage on the Tokyo fetish scene the following season. It was so sheer that it was the only latex that could successfully outline goosebumps through the material. Not only were the colours and textures uncommonly fine, but apparently this particular rubber had magical powers. The Empress was intrigued but whenever she tried clicking on the link to their website, it repeatedly timed out. Despite this, she still wanted to find out more, and so she invited them to her palace.

Coincidentally, it was the eve of the Annual Fetish Ball when they visited her. The event attracted lots of international press and all eyes and camera lenses would be on the Empress that night. She had been planning to wear a slinky latex LBD by a local designer. It was a safe bet in fashion terms, which was quite uncharacteristic of her. She wondered if it was the right choice. Changing her mind about her fetish ball outfit at the last minute would be a risk, but one that she might be willing to take.

The dodgy designers arrived late for their appointment. They were brought into the Empress’ boudoir by Summers and Winters. After briefly greeting them, the Empress wanted to get down to business right away.

“So, tell me about this special latex of yours. Why exactly is it magical?” she enquired.

“Well, not only is it so fine that it is the only latex to outline goosebumps, it also has special powers…” said the first dodgy designer. He cleared his throat before continuing “You see, it appears to be invisible to the eyes of non-fetishists, or vanillas. Basically only those who are worthy of your attention would see it,” he said with a dodgy smile.

The Empress instantly loved the idea of being able to test her people. Thanks to this magical latex, she would be able to do just that.

“This sounds like the perfect kind of latex for me. I’m surprised I’ve never heard of it before. If I wore a catsuit made from your special latex, then I would be able to tell the fetishists from the vanillas. Yes, I must have that catsuit made right away! It must be finished tonight so I can wear it to the ball tomorrow”. She then paid the two dodgy designers a huge pile of cash and ordered them to get to it at once.


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