The Empress’ New Latex Catsuit – A Fetish Fairy Tale by Venus O’Hara

Photo by Lourdes Ribas

Once upon a time in a far away fetish kingdom there lived an incredibly vain Empress who was obsessed with alternative fashion, particularly latex. She loved everything about it: the way it clung to her curves, its distinctive smell and even the diver-esque sounds it produced every time she moved. In fact, she adored it so much that she spent all the kingdom’s taxes on getting bespoke outfits made for herself. She had a different one for every hour of the day. Often when people asked for her, her slaves would say “The Empress is in her boudoir getting dressed”.

She couldn’t give two hoots about keeping her people in line, the dwindling economy or international diplomacy. All she cared about was public appearances, lavish banquets and any other opportunity to flaunt her new clothes in public.

The Empress lived in a palace with her many slaves and Trumpy, her beloved poodle who never left her side. However only her two most trusted slaves, Summers and Winters, had permanent access to her private chambers. They had both been serving her throughout her entire reign. In spite of the fact that they had very much in common, they actually couldn’t stand each other and they were in constant competition for the Empress’ attention. One was always trying to outdo the other with extravagant acts of worship. The Empress found their rivalry amusing and only used it to her advantage and as a result, she had become increasingly more demanding with both of them over the years. It was a dysfunctional arrangement, but it seemed to work for everyone.

Summers and Winters were on call night and day and although they had never received any formal payment (apart from free board and lodging), they both knew that they were privileged. Primarily because they were the only slaves who were fortunate enough to take part in “dressing duty” for the Empress’ hourly outfit changes. Although it was a complicated process, both the slaves and the Empress enjoyed and looked forward it to immensely.

First her slaves would lubricate her naked body before carefully slipping the garments on her. This could be quite a difficult task, because some were much tighter than others. More often than not, the latex needed to be shined to give it that wet look. For this, they would apply shiner and smooth it on over the outfit while she was wearing it. It felt like a massage and the Empress always found the process to be a profoundly relaxing and sensual experience. She would close her eyes as she felt the the four hands of her eager slaves all over her voluptuous body. She never could understand why certain men complained about lack of sensitivity with condoms, because she was convinced that she could feel absolutely everything through the fine latex.

Once dressed and shined, she would admire herself in her huge mirror and her slaves would tell her, yet again, how wonderfully provocative she looked. Even Trumpy would give a “woof!” of approval. Summers and Winters weren’t the only ones who were captivated by the Empress’ unique beauty. The whole kingdom was. Whenever she walked into a room or down the street, she could see that men both desired and feared her. It made her feel essential and powerful and she loved it. 


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